Rider Loonie

Got my rider loonies from the Mint today ( by courier ). The plain loonies are a steal at face cost only - they came 5 to a strip with each loonie in an air tight little plastic holder. - Rating A+

The gold plated loonie for $19.99 is a different story. It arrived inside the cardboard display in a plastic envelope. I would have expected it to be in a hard plastic case or something. There is NO way to tell if the coin is the gold plated version or not if you open the plastic sleeve to see the cardboard display. There are scratches on the coin - the plain loonies have a much better look to them... rating D-

a couple people I know got their loons today and said they look great I missed my mail man by 1/2 hr. today so I got the slip to pick up after 1 on tuesday

  1. I bought mine from the mint so they would be untouched and perfect I will be highly disappointed when I finally get to open if I find my gold plated coins are scratched it sounds astho the loons are protected well so there should be no worries with them I hope
    to follow up tuesday

Like I said - I am very impressed with the regular loonie . The Gold plated one is very disappointing

I have 50 regular loonies and 25 more on the way :smiley: :thup:

I have 5, thats all they give out for change at the games.

The 25 came today

got my stuff today pleased with the loons enclosed in plastic sheath
as for the gold plated loons with cardboard helmet altho enclosed in plastic they look elcheapo and I would say we were taken for about 19 dollars outta the 19.95

Received my coins from the mint this week too. You are correct...the regular loonies don't look much different than the gold plated ones. Be safe...keep the gold plated one in its container.

I just checked the mint website, and they're sold out of the 5-coin sets and the non-circulation Gold plated coin.

I like to collect coins, but I only collect ones that I find (in change, in a parking lot, in someone's wallet when they're not looking, etc.) or if they're given to me by people I know from other countries. I won't go out of my way to buy them. I think I've got at least one copy of every specialty coin that the Canadian mint has produced, each one obtained by sifting through change. Given the number of Rider fans, and their dedication to the team, I have a feeling that the Rider loonie is going to break that streak.