Rider looking for new G.M.????????

First it was plastered all over the internet, now there are little signs on street corners in Saskatoon. "Earn C.E.O. income, working from home, part time". At first I thought it was a scam, but now it's all starting to make sense. Looks like a shakeup comming in Riderville.



LOL! The riders already have a G.M. working from home. Why would they want another one and why would they want him to be part time?

Because that seems to be the job description for this position and the current employee is not getting the job done. :lol:

You must be bored this morning Taleback.......check the Bailey's in your coffee......I think she's a touch strong. :slight_smile:

NEVER! I man can never have TOO much baileys in his coffee!


I know this is not a serious thread, but in the efforts of trying to generate a serious discussion, that brings a point. (disclaimer, i know the topic is taboo because we live in a country where free speech is surpressed and we must go about our lives according to the whim of the CFL police, so if this gets deleted, please remember me :slight_smile:

Why oh why, is Tillman working from home? To me that is just a stupid procedure to send some sort of a message. a) he is still working b) he is still on the payroll c) he is NOT convicted.

Isn't it supposed to be innocent until proven guilty? But it seems to me that to put someone on "administrative leave" or whatever you call this is guilty before innocent.

Also, fine, get rid of Tillman if guilty, but IMO if he hasn't had a chance to have his say in court then let the guy do his job from his office. The whole idea of him working from home is just really silly.

You TeenRiders are Wild and Crazzzy Guys !!!!! :thup:

Get real Taleback. The Riders have played some bad games but they are tied for 1st in the west. They won a grep cup 2 years ago and had 2 home playoffs in 2 straight seasons. I was born in 1975 and since I was old enough to go to games, the Riders had 1 home playoff game in my entire life before 2007 and 2008. Taleback what is getting the job done. He helped built on what Shivers did and made the Riders the best team we have seen around here in 25 or 30 years.

Maybe they should do this to. Get rid of Durant and bring back Kevin Mason. Taleback has forgotten what it was like to have 1 home playoff games in 20 years. Get rid of Dressler and bring back Prince Wimbley.

Enjoy your green colored glasses there kicker. If you can't see the turmoil going on rite now, well good on you. And this morning's sports tells of the grumblings starting in the dressing room. Durant p issed that he sat out the fouth quarter, Cates agreeing with him, and both questioning Miller. The fun is just starting. But you've been around so long this kind of thing should be old news to you. Go get your slurpee buddy, cause 7-11 is looking like the number this year.

And quit giving him ideas. You will learn some day to be carefull what you wish for. You just may get it. Especially with this regime at the controls.

This is the 3rd year for this regime as you call them. 12 and 6. 12 and 6. Grey cup champions. 2 home playoff games. Tied for first this year. The Riders might finish 1st or 2nd. But they might be 9 and 9 or 8 and 10 and finish 3rd or 4th. But how is that ruining the team? Its 1 bad year in 3 and we don't know yet how they will finish. Should the Stamps fire Hufnafel if they finish 3rd or 4th and don't get a home playoff game. Is that ruining the Stamps? Same logic.

Taleback I just went back and read some of your posts. You been hating this gm for a long time. Seem to be a big DJ Flick fan to. You say this regime is ruining the Riders. How many winning seasons did they have with Barrett? How about Daly? Not the year Murphy coached the Riders. Other than Matthews we really having been good for a long time. Before this regime came here the Riders had 2 or 3 winning seasons in something like 15 years. But they are being ruined?

Taleback tell us about Hufnagel. If the Stamps have a bad year this year is he ruining the team? :roll: They have turmoil as you call it. Didn't their kicker beat up the punter. Watched the game where they had 2 dbs on their team fight each other. Turmoil. Not as good as they were last year. Yeah Hufnagel is ruining th Stamps. :lol:

Eskimos win so no doubt now. Hufnagel has ruined the Stamps? Fire him. Right Taleback? Same logic. :roll: