Rider Injuries (big guns out)

I have heard the Dominguez has a torn ACL and is out for the season and requires surgery, McCalla is also on the limp with a pulled hamstring. As well O’Day has a pulled bicep but it doesn’t seem he will be out of the lineup.

Can anyone confirm this, say it isn’t so…

I have not heard this, but I have heard very little. The most recent thing I have heard about Dominguez is a sprained ACL and out for a couple weeks, which is bad, but not nearly as bad as what you heard. Where did you hear it? I really like Travis Moore and think he is a fine replacement, but if he had to replace an injury, I would much rather it not be to Dominguez. I hope you heard wrong. If anyone could fill us in, that would be great!!!

Go Riders!!

It’s sprained not torn… I HOPE. We need Matt or our passing game drops dramaticly.

Didn’t you guys see him walking around and stuff after his injury. I’ll bet he is at 75% right now and in 2 weeks he will be 100%

There is an injury update on Riderville.com, but you need to pay to see it. That is just unbelievable. Anyone a member on there that can fill us in?

Whoever is in charge of thei riderville porn site should be FIRED. I stopped going there all together because it is so stupid.

Unless I am reading the “Today’s Transactions” wrong, Matt Dominguez has been placed on the inactive list until September 17. This officially SUCKS!!! I know Travis Moore is a great replacement, but I would be much happier having them both play. Here’s hoping everyone else steps up their game!!!

Go Riders!!!

Dominguez has tron ACL, not sprained, he is out for probably 4 months, or the season.

You just need to be a Fan Club Member to see the video clip of Danny Barrett and Matt talking about the injury.

BAKER will not be in for the ARGOS…but he is not hurt.

Dominguez is a huge loss for us. That really hurts our passing game (if you could even call it that). Our other receivers are really gonna have to step up and so is our defense.

I stand corrected. That royally sucks. I can admit when I am wrong. lets hope Kenton can back quickly and kick it into gear

That is a tough injury for the Riders

I popped my AC 2 years ago and was off hockey for a month, being a goalie that was hard, but i sure hope i don’t work out as much as MD cause I’m lazy. If it was torn he would not have been able to walk off the field. being that he limped off its great news may miss 3 weeks its either sprained or pulled or something maybe even partially torn but not complete and thats great.