rider home playoff game

look i know the game was months ago. But i will never forget that game for the rest of my life!

who else was there? did u see me? i was sitting in the handicapped section...in a wheelchair and i had a white towel in my hand

also what did u think of the game?

Section 2?

i think so

I was in Section 42, And It was such an awesome game. I think I might have permanent hearing loss from the School Bell at my left ear and the cow bell on my right. And my own very loud yelling between. It didn't stop whenever we were on defense. Man that was a fun game.

I was there, section 102 cheering as loud as I could. The only disappointment was that we let Calgary hang around so long in that game without putting them away. The crowd was excellent!

Nice man. Me too.


Thats where my season tix are.

sweet! I've wanted season tixs for years...but nobody will buy me any :cry:...and i don't have enough money(atleast i think i don't)