Rider/Hockey Jersey


Ok folks where can I get one!!!!!!!!

I like them, I want one too!

I'll pass. Wearing them in exhibition or round-robin is one thing, but wearing them in the playoff round? Ugh...stick to traditional team Canada colours.

But for fans to wear ..... They look pretty sharp :thup:

I don't know...I guess I can see why some people would like them, but personally, I would much rather wear either a team Canada jersey or a SSK jersey, rather than a conglomeration of the two...

as a non rider fan...i find it kind of sad that these jerseys are being made...im not from ssk im from canada i dont want to cheer on the ssk team i want to cheer on the canadian team. IMO its centralizing too much to one fan base...i get that the tourny is in ssk and that they are trying to sell these jerseys and seats in the province but i feel a slight disconnection to the team as im not a ssk fan of any kind...not a fan and seriously lowers my respect for the decision makers in the upper echelons of this organization very disapointing

Olympics are no different. The merchandise is based off BC culture yet it's Canada being represented. The world juniors are not the NHL and nor are they the Mens or Womens Olympic teams. As such I have no issue with the jerseys base color being switched to Green to represent the Riders who are very much entrenched into the very fabric that makes up Saskatchewan ( and where the tournament is being held ) . I know others agree and folks that are not Rider fans probably really disagree. For me I see this as the Reece's Peanut Butter cup of Jerseys. The pairing of 2 great things lol. :cowboy:

LOL it may not be the NHL but being that im around the age of the players in the tournament i find great enjoyment in following the tourny and cheering on the team. but this is different than any olympic merch. these are being used in games. we didnt change the canadian jerseys or colors to suit vancouver at all...this is team canada NOT team SSK i want to see the canadian colors not this green. detatches me from the team in a sense if it was just for sale and not planning on being used than fine but to have the team wear it...if i were the players id be upset too...i worked hard to represent my COUNTRY seeing as how prolly less than 10% of the team will even be close to having ties to this one province, i want to wear the colors of the country that i worked hard to represent on the world stage...not some jersey that some idiot decided to make so that they could ride the coattails of the riders merch sales. again extremely dissapointing shows a lack of patriotism towards our country in my eyes...somethign we dont need to prove to other countries we should take more pride in the red and white and our anthem during sporting events on all levels again tho just my opinion :thup:

Jakob7 you have alot of opinions dont you!!!!! Well the games are in sask and your just gonna have to deal with it!!!!! Im going to 3 Canada games because I won tickets for 4 people for 3 games from TSN and I think im going to get one of those beautiful green Jerseys to wear just to make you smile!!!!

good for you? im happy? do you have anything useful to add or just spiteful?

The World Jr. team, through Hockey Canada decided to honour the Riders by making the green jersey. Its only for two of the games, one pre-tournament game and another to be determined later.. they are going to be auctioned off for charity, so what is the big deal? Honestly, some people will go to great lengths just to bash the Riders... :expressionless:

no im not bashing the riders when they come to calgary are they going to wear stamps colors...bad example i guess LOL but seriously this wont happen again...i dont understand why if somthign is in ssk they feel they have to cram the riders down the entire countries throats...im NOT bashing the riders seriously i just think that changing the colors for ONE province in the entire country is not really pushing a sense of nationalism which is lacking compared to some countries especially our southern neighbors...i personally am very envious of the pride they take in everything american...we are starting to show signs of this as well but not enough and this is not helping...again great if they are for sale to make money thats awsome. but to have the team wear them is what i dont agree with. i realize where i am posting this and again im not trying to insult anyone on here and since i wont find anybody with the same opinion on this forum ill make my own topic in main if i decide but congrats on getting the games in your province...i think its awsome how they spread it between a couple cities and look forward to another gold. GO CANADA :thup:

Do the riders get a slice of the sales pie? If not I just see this as Hockey Canada exploiting the popularity of the riders in sask to line their own pockets. I wonder if the next Canadian market to get the Juniors are going to do the same? Somewhow I doubt it. But if the riders do get some kind of profit(other than exposure), or if there’s charity involved, then i guess it’s all good.

Probably both, I think they look "okay" but Initially I figured Hockey Canada and the Riders were both just trying to make money off the popularity of both teams. It's nice that they are giving money to charity, but I hope they don't wear these Jerseys in the playoff rounds.

The Jerseys ARE NOT RIDER JERSEYS they are green because the province is GREEN there doing it for the province not for the RIDERS read some articles on it and dont get all pissy cause you saw it introduced at the rider game!!!!!!! We dont have an NHL team like calgary or edmonton to be honest all we really have is the riders i dont find it to be ignoring or insulting the rest of the country for team canada to wear a green jersey at 2 games! All it is for is to get people from sask to get excited about having something here for us even if its as simple as a jersey!!! Get over it buddy team canada is all our team so cheer and lets go for 6!!!!

And just to add the profits go to Jr Hockey and the worn jerseys go to auction on ebay after the games also for the charity!!!!

Stupid idea. I hate it. It's just a cash grab. What will they do in Edmonton and Calgary? Wear Green/Gold/Red?

I don't like it.

agreed and i dont care if its a riders thing or ssk thing i do believe if you actually read the posts i refer it more as ssk than the riders...i may have screwed my own point up but i was stating that they are trying to cash in on the popularity of the riders...as you say yourself thats all the province really has...so in essence it s a riders approach. and i dont feel like i need to get over it green is not our NATIONAL colors and so i dont feel that the NATIONAL team should wear them. plain and simple, and agian like ive stated over and over without anyone seeming to notice i think its a great idea for fans or sales but not to be worn by the team green has never been a part of canadian culture only saskatchewan color...bad idea hope it somehow blows up in their face

So if they do this to honour the Lions at the Vancouver games, or any other CFL team its a bad idea?? The money is going to charity, so why would you object to that? If they do wear orange and black jerseys in February, good on Team Canada.. I say they shoud do it.. giving the fans a different look(especially in CFL colours) is never a bad thing.. unless of course you are talking about the horrible 3rd Jersey experiment in the NHL a few years back...

no im talking about nationalism...not money making...i dont care who makes money on it...auction off the regular team canada jerseys this is a introspected view point that they are hiding behind charities to sell the jerseys at the games and places like sportmart. they wont wear orange and black in vancouver because that is a dumb idea...team canada is not an nhl team or a cfl team...it is OUR national hockey, skiing, bobsled, etc team. just so no one reads this post and loses it on me again...not saying you are sambo...but others have and prolly will LOL, i am not against the jerseys going out for sale for viewers and whatnot...but to have the team wear the jersey on a global stage is sad IMO never should have gotten passed.