Rider Hat Trick for Week 4... Player's of the Week

Durant, Bagg and Williams were honoured while Parades got Special teams.

gotta love it! :smiley: :thup: :rockin:

had Ray not went down the honor would have went to him for sure.

with 12 tackles, a sack and an interception, Cox would be a good nomination for D...but tough to do that when they lost. law stepped up pretty big for the Stamps as well.

Nice acknowledgment for their efforts!

I told you that if ya played the CATS,ya would win it.....yer welcome!!! :wink: :roll: :oops:

Dan Clark was robbed by not being named offensive player of the week! :lol:

you did indeed. Good call (sorry mate)

I'd have taken Rickey Ray over Durant.

On one hand he's certainly in the converstation, going 19/20 is pretty incredible. The other stats don't really add up though, it wasn't a 300 yard game and he had half the TD passes.

Nobody else really had a stand out game this weekend, really wasn't a strong weekend for individual offensive performances.