Rider Great Wayne Shaw AGAIN passed over for CFHOF

how many times does someone like this guy who was a 7 time CFL Western All-Star get passed over before somebody finally speaks up and calls out the Members who decide the inductees into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame?

Brian Fryer is the LAST person right now that should be inducted into the HOF.. the rest of the players are good choices but Wayne Shaw should have been in LONG before Fryer ever did..

what a Joke!

I felt the same a couple years ago when Chris Flynn was inducted and Damon Allen wasn't. If there was a every a first-ballot Hall of Famer, it was Damon Allen. But I was corrected and told that Flynn didn't go in ahead of Allen because they weren't up for the same spot. Flynn was put in for his CIS career and those players are elected separately from the CFL guys. It's the same with your problem with Shaw not getting in. Fryer didn't stop Shaw from being elected because Fryer was selected because of his CIS career. I understand you anger - up until Thursday, I was furious that Earl Winfield had been overlooked time and time again - but Fryer's election didn't prevent Shaw from getting in.