Rider Goodbye

I watched the news and read the paper today with a touch of sadness as they showed the guys cleaning out their lockers. I just wish the celebrations could have continued for a while longer given the 18 years we have waited for the CUP to come to Saskatchewan. But the spring will arrive soon enough and we can do it all over again.

Anyway here is a big THANK YOU to all the players and coaches for making this a truly memorable season. Have a good off season, heal up and we'll see you all in the spring ready to make another run for the CUP.

Riders in 2008!!

Dont forget 09, 10, and beyond!

It's so much hype before the game, then gameday finally arrives and it's so damn exciting all day. Then the celebration and the talk go on afterward for days. So when it'sall over, it IS sad...I remember feeling that way too after we'd won last year. When the guys cleaned out the locker and the celebration finally wound down, it was like "o.k., what now?".

Another what 8 months until the new season begins. I hate this time of year, but at least we are going out as champions and not chokers.

At least this year it is one less week we have to wait :slight_smile:

All the build up to the Grey Cup, and it's over so quick...