Rider Girl starring Colleen Sutton

???? Winnipeg Free Press. A prairie girl is seduced into sports fandom and discovers the rules don’t just apply to the game. Running 75 minutes in length, Colleen Sutton throws herself into multiple characters as she fights for first downs and flags begin to fly. Loaded with laughs, it’s a fast-paced, physical and trash-talking march down the field that will haul your heart into the game. “Brightest new recruit on Canada’s Fringe circuit.? ???? CBC Manitoba

Opening Night: This Friday July 19th at 6:30 pm
Show venue: The Pearl Company on Steven St off of Barton in Ward 3
Venue Website: http://thepearlcompany.ca/?p=1565
Cost: $10 tickets + a one-time-per-Fringe backer button purchase of $4)
Fringe Festival Website: http://hamiltonfringe.ca/shows/ridergirl/

Missed this part on the Fringe website about discount if you are wearing your CFL gear. :slight_smile:

$8 for those wearing CFL gear (Fringe Backer Button required)


So it would be $12 admission if you don't already have a Fringe button instead of $14.

I wonder if Oskee wee wee's are permitted? :wink:

Sounds like a fun show.

BTW, it's Steven St. off of King, not Barton. That's my old hood.

Thanks for the correctiom.

People should go to this.
I went Tuesday. It was a good show. Funny stuff.
You can even watch from the comfort of a nice couch or armchair. :smiley:

3 shows left.
Thursday 6:30
Friday 9:00
Saturday 2:00

Colleen will be on CHML at 11:35 today if anyone wants to hear more about it.