rider gear

does anybody know where to buy rider baby gear? i have seen youth jerseys but my baby hasnt been born yet so that wont fit for awile.i seen pictures on the rider site of rider sleepers.my baby will be born in edmonton so i would like to have him in a rider sleeper in the hospital.i have checked the rider store online and they dont show any.can you buy this stuff at the store in regina?

Yes you can buy these items at the store in Regina. If you can't find the items on-line, phone them and they will help you out.

I have seen sleepers, etc at the store. Give them a call.

You should get a rider flag to use as a blanket as well… :lol: :lol:

...wait until Sunday joesephriders and then go down to the Rider Equipment manager's office and he'll have a perfect little rider outfit which will have been worn by Armstead because on this one crossing pattern this weekend he will get hit so hard between Scott Coe and Brian Clark that his uniform will actually shrink from the incredible diamond making pressure exerted on it, there by rendering it a baby size medium jersey.....but don't feel badly 'cause he actually holds onto the ball for a 3 yard gain....

i will have to call soon.i was at the hospital today.false labour.i alredy have a rider flag-signed picture-shirt signed by nate and a holmes picture which i will get signed when hamilton comes to edmonton,for my baby.now for red to bad my baby didnt come today so
his first cfl game would be a sask blowout.nate breaks threw line and breaks
the brittle legs of calgary qb henry booooooris.sask offence clicks for 450 passing 150 total rushing.hahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahhahahahahhahahaha
good game calgary is stuck with danny mac all year and miss playoffs hahahahahahahaha.
thanks for your replys guys.go riders


hey esks123 could you please not post here.this is the rider forum not the CHEATERS forum.we like a little honesty in this forum.your low and scaby CHEATING
ways is only acceptable in the CHATERS forum (edm) please post there CHEATER.

You don't know esks123 very well, do you?

Saskargo will tell you wear to find baby gear.....Just Kiddin.