Rider Game Post Game Interviews

I can't find the post game player and coach interviews of that Riders game last week. Did they post any somewhere?

I was looking for the same the day after the game, but didn't find anything.

Do they just only publish them when they feel like it? I know it was an ugly loss but the fans want to hear from the players and coaches either way...

Usually Drew Edwards will post his own video from post-game media availability. Though for the Calgary game, it looked like he had video from another reporter. So I don't know if maybe The Spec didn't send him to those games, or maybe he didn't make the trip for other reasons, or maybe for the SK game the Cats chose not to make anyone available after the game?

Post game interview at the start of a bye week, in Saskatchewan??

Those players were trying to get outta that stadium faster than a school teacher at the 3:20 bell.