Rider Free Agents

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Why not reverse the trend of Ticats becoming Riders?

We could use an Offensive Tackle, a linebacker,
a veteran receiver of D.J. Flick's talents.

The Riders have 11 players eligible to file for free agency

The list includes the three starting import linebackers

-- Maurice Lloyd, Anton McKenzie and Sean Lucas.

Lloyd and McKenzie were both named CFL defensive all-stars.

Sean Lucas led the Riders in tackles this season with 95.

Gene Makowsky, the 14-year veteran guard is the West Division's
nominee for the offensive lineman-of-the-year this season.

The other free agents are: safety Scott Gordon, fullback Neal Hughes,

Offensive tackle Belton Johnson, guards Mike Abou-Mechrek and Steve Morley

and slotback D.J. Flick. Belton Johnson and D.J. Flick are imports.

I like DJ But I wounder If He Burned his Bridges here in Hamilton .
None Lineman can help us that I can see and LB DL they may have someone there

I don't care about his bridges. It's his leg I'm worried about.

I wasn't thrilled with what DJ did, but if he is completely healed and can still contribute at a high level I wouldn't mind bringing him back.

Import linebacker, huh Ron?? Now why would we need one of those?? :smiley: :wink:

I say we try to take as many of the good free agents that are available as we can.

These are good FA linebackers. But I think Obie wants to go with Siscowic in the middle, and Knowlton and Mariuz outside.

And honestly, I think Obie can probably do better than these Rider FA receivers. How about Arland Bruce?