Rider field goal blocked possesion?

I do not understand why after when the Riders attempted a field goal and it was blocked and then recovered by Riders, why was it not then Rider ball? I thought that any kick-off once blocked could be recovered by either team?

well, its not so. But its a moot point since the ball didnt travel far enough to give the riders first down anyhow.

On the blocked fieldgoal attempt; the ball must have crossed the line of scrimage while in the air? perhaps that was why the Riders were called for no yards even though they recovered the ball? I dunno, someone else may have more clarity. This CFL season has been just a "TAD" different (strange) from what I've seen in previous years to say the least.

I don't know what game the MR ED commenting fool was watching, but the riders kicked from the 35, it was blocked and the recovered by the riders on the 10. So definitely enough yards for a 1st down and as for what I am refering to for blocked kicks here are some references from the 2010 rulebook. Nothing I can find in the rulebook disputes that it should have been Rider ball and the "no yards" penalty was nothing short of pure idiocy on the refs part.

Article 1 – Definition
A blocked kick is a kick from scrimmage in which, after being kicked, the ball is
prevented from crossing the line of scrimmage because of contact with an opponent
or a player of the kicking team who is offside.

Article 2 – Recovery Of Blocked Kick
If the ball is blocked, without going Out of Bounds, it may legally be recovered by
a player of either team. If, however, the ball is recovered by a player of the kicking
team, the continuing play shall be considered as any other play from scrimmage.

Article 8 – Recovery Of Own Kick
The kicker or an onside player may recover the kick across the line of scrimmage, in
which case the ensuing down shall be first down whether or not the original yardage
has been gained.

THIS is the key..

if a player recovers the ball who is ONside.. then it will be their ball.

BUT at the same time, there can not be any other player on the same team within the 5 yd zone that is there just like on a Punt.

a Partially blocked kick that crosses the Line Of Scrimmage is officially considered a PUNT.

and just like a Punt, you must give the receiving team 5 yds.

unless you are the kicker, or an onside player.

was just gonna say that... its because the argo player blocked the kick... b4 it crossed the line of scrimmage, therefore, its considered a punt, the only player who can recover it and it still be rider ball in that case is the kicker.. he didnt, hence the 5 yard penalty and argo ball ruling. ive seen this a few times.. the ball is blocked, same team recovers but the ball is rewarded to the team who blocked the fg. its not like this is the first time this has happened.

A kick is only “blocked” if it fails to cross the line of scrimmage. I which case its anyones ball and the Riders would have to gain the yardage from the LOS to get the first down.

A tipped ball is treated like a shank kick or a dribbled ball and could only be recovered by an onside player, the kicker or someone else who lined up onside.

I was suprised it was a 15 yarder tho since the ball was on the ground.

it was third and 16 at the 35 which meant first down was on the 19. The ball was in fact recovered at the 13, which makes me off by 6 yrds. Oops my mistake. However, calling someone a fool for such a human mistake makes something worse than a fool out of yourself.

What I do know is that a tipped field goal attempt where the ball crosses the line of scrimmage cannot be recovered by the kicking team unless the ball was then fumbled by the receiving team where there was not a no yards penalty. Exception being the kicker or any onside player of the kicking team.

Does it take a fool to understand this???

that would be because they actually took possession of the ball, rather than just be inside the 5 yrds. Not sure how that is officially described.

The refs can call either 5 or 15 yards on a "no Yards" call. The wording on the 5 yards is

"If the offside Team A player is inadvertently touched first by the ball, which has
previously hit the ground, and has made no attempt to “play? the ball in any
way, the penalty will be L5 from PBT."

So if the ball bounces from the ground and hits them - and they make zero effort to play the ball - its 5 yards. The minute you touch - reach - grab it becomes 15yd

Again "Mr Ed" the line of scrimmage was the 35 yard line not the 19. the ball was actually kicked from the 42. However it was the stupid horse comments that make you an idiot. It babbling and has nothing to do with what I asked. What I wanted was a clear answer on why the ruling happened the way it did. your "babbling" was nothing but annoying. Next time skip the babbling about horses, give a CLEAR answer to a persons question or keep your comment to yourself.

However THANK YOU to those people who did in fact answer my question. I really just wanted to understand what happened there and now I will know for next time. Thanx

Um, Carl, the "babbling about horses" is in FYB's signature block. You'll see it on every on every one of FYB's posts (until he changes it, if he does), just like you will see "Born a Rider, die a Rider" on every one of my posts. It was not entered consciously just to reply to you or to get you riled up.

FYB - please don't escalate this with a reply. Just take the high road and let Carl to have made an honest mistake like you did. Now you two play nice :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

you have comprehension problems. I said the line of scrimmage was at the 35 and than meant they had to GET TO the 19 for a first down. Only an idiot would read what I said as saying the line of scrimmage was at the 19.

sorry, but I had to respond one more time. Being so quick to insult people is not an honest "mistake" Some people just beg to be put in their place.

It's funny that he puts that bit about Mr. Ed for a signature. Do you suppose it is because his mom likes donkeys so much?

I have it on good authority she hates 2 legged jackasses like yourself.... :lol:

...Out of line Carl, buh bye for awhile

It was so easy to see where this was heading but I guess I was helpless to stop it.

Glad someone dug out the rule book on this one, I was kind of confused as to why it was No-yards on the play but this clears it up.

Does anyone recall during the Winnipeg-Saskatchewan Game in Winnipeg when the Bombers where able to recover there own kick on a punt? The punt that Dorsey was going to return but he lost it in the sun and then after the ball bounced it was recovered by one of the Bomber players. However on the play there was no penalty for No-yards. Can anyone explain that to me?

cause it touched Dorsey??