Rider Farce

Rebuilding year 5, no qb, no receivers. A community owned team that won't answer to the community. Ticket prices are up, the braintrust moved the signature section to the welfare seats. Another vintage Rider offseason. Its time we call a turd a turd and quit supporting this farce, make them make some serious philosophical changes. What has being a diehard fanbase gotten us, nuthin. The last time we won anything Hammer had money and the Berlin wall was up. I can't wait to hear Lynchy and his liver spots predict another 13 win season. Why can't anyone have any balls in the Saskatchewan media and call this franchise what it is, a dud top to bottom. Accepting mediocrity breeds it. Hell I'd be happy with mediocre, we suck. Oh lets chip in and buy Vanstone a decent suit for when he gets put on television. The $15 polyesters aren't cuttin it. More Trevis Smiths in the community. Oh well it could be worse I could still be living in Saskatchewan and having to deal with this.

To be a real Fan you support your team through the ups and downs. If There Going through A slump you dont just bail out on the team you support it.

Agreed, RF06…it isn’t the fault of all the players that we’re in this pickle…Shiv might be junk as a GM (just my opinion), but he’s got guys playing for his team who want to win, and who want to give the fans the entertainment they’re expecting. I still support my team - I just don’t like what’s happening to it.

A slump does not last 20 years guys. Quit drinking the punch. Clowns like you guys are part of the problem. Just humming along no matter how bad things get. Do you think for 1 second the league would let the Riders fold. We're the number one story every year, people wait to see the 5 game losing streaks and 4th quarter implosions. Eventually as fans we have to grab some cajones and tell these clowns to shove it. How often to you eat at the only restaurant in town if all they serve is manure? Bring back the bag heads! More Marvin Graves as QB.

Read up, pal.....I'm as critical of the Riders as they come. I would much rather have a football team with fourth quarter implosions than no football team at all. Do I like Shiv and the circus he has going regarding his running of the team? Absolutely not. Will I bail out on the Riders because I don't like the GM? Never.

Keep goin to your turd team then, I'll watch the destruction but they'e not getting a cent out of me until they figure how to quit forcing mediocrity down our throat. Theres a a difference between an educated, intelligent fan and a sucker.

There’s also a difference between a fan and a bandwagon jumper.

I've been watching this team load its pampers since Joe Paopao stunk it up at T field. Jumping off the bandwagon and refusing to pay for an airline ticket on a plane with no wings pilotted by kids from the CNIB is a little different.

Jumping ship just because you don't like the direction the team is taking serves no purpose. If every fan "supported" the team in your manner, there would be no team left to support.

I’ll be back as soon as they show any inclination of turning the ship around, but with the culture of accepting inneptitude, and just being happy we have a team this isn’t gonna happen soon. If it takes almost going tits up again, oh well, let it B but the ship has been cruising head on into loserville ocean way to long. I’m still a fan but are they getting my dollar…nar. Empty promises from a generational loser doen’t cut it with this cat. Clean house with everyone.

Actually jm02 you are pretty much exactly what’s wrong with any crisis situation. People actually have to take a stand and put their foots down in order to achieve some change for the better. Now I don’t know what sports you watch but pretty much any rebuilding period for any sports team shouldnt take more than 3 years max. Sorry my mistake, the stamps did it in 2 years and the last time I got into my delorean and drove it back to 1989 the Doc told me that it was starting to get a little hard on the plutonium mileage.

Are you guys too different people?? Is tumblersman, tumblerdome's man.

Yes we are 2 different people. But apparently we both support the worlds single greatest pizza place.

tumbler would be a great parent. first time the kid spills his juice, toss that one out. and the riders were actually decent for the last couple years so shut your hole. i hate the riders as much as the next guy but you are truly a bandwagon jumper. unless they are expected to win the cup every year you won't go to any games. yeah, that sounds like a good fan to me. jm is right on this one. if you are not happy with the direction of the team fine... write letters, call in to the media, paint a sign and picket but if you just disappear your voice means absolutely nothing.

and you are probably one who doesn't vote because you disapprove of the way the government works too.

yes a bandwagon jumper....thats right dale.....and refresh us on how long one has to ride a bandwagon for again? 29 years?? thats a hell of a long bandwagon you tart.

After 25 years of Rider piss poor govenment there wouldn't be people or an economy left? So yeah before I went down with the ship I'd get out and watch from afar....like Alberta. We're the only show in town so accept the shaft and like it...the SASKY motto. The Riders peaked when the province did....1967. Been a long flush down the bowl since.

Then leave, I for one would be happy if all the people like you were not fans of the Riders, and not Residents of this fine province.

You just got kicked out by one of the greatest!

Tumblerdoofus.....whichever one of you called me down.....me, personally, being what is wrong with a crisis situation? C'mon.....first of all, just because I support a team doesn't make me oblivious to the fact that there are significant things going on with the team of which I disapprove....second of all, I fail to see how the wrongdoings of a sports team could qualify as a crisis - at least, it's not a crisis to me.....a crisis would be my children getting hurt or my house burning down.....the misguided efforts of a pro sports club hardly qualifies.....