Rider fans

OK Riderfans, I think you guys have a shot at KJ. The fact that teams would have to make room for a $400000 contract I bleieve your the only team that could do this at this time to meet the cap. Mind you what contracts would need to be cut to accomodate this amount. I am sure Nealon is calling AFL teams now.

Cap? Only one team in the CFL actually adheres to the cap , which is why they didnt make any offseason moves. We Rider fans will have another long year im afraid, but at least Joseph is talented enough to be a good QB in this league if he can stay healthy enough. Greene could be gone , and maybe Benefield can go as well. One other player might have to go, Kenton Keith is our most valuable and tradeable asset.

Cap? Only one team in the CFL actually adheres to the cap , which is why they didnt make any offseason moves

I do not know you must have been stuck in the barn all winter. But there is a hard cap that you have to consider for the 2007 season. The Riders were third highest in player salaries. So really what the heck are you talking about.

Are you refering to the Riders?

It has been reported that they had the third highest pay roll last year and were way over the cap!

ok ro, its reported they had the 3rd highest payroll, but post a team by team salary and lets see who pays out what(even that , you have to consider what owners term "personal services" contracts as well)

.........never happen, all salaries are guarded.......

Its no lie sambo, we spent a lot of money on players last year. A LOT had to do with having a lot of our higher paid players being injured for extended periods, but regardless we had a pretty hefty salary load. Still think it shouldn't be a problem to make room., I know of at least 125-150 thousand that can be cut, just by one pink slip

Nealon went from #1 QB to KFC fry guy in one year!

I'm not sure if I trust him on the fryer, I'm gueesing when he takes the frys out he will spill too many into the oil.

I might put him on the till or something. remember how he likes to talk to the ladies

Ya he would look hot there for the ladies! But really the only team I can see taking KJ is the riders.