Rider fans

I am a Rider fan, but this team is starting to piss me off. How long before they become a GOOD team again? Fans go crazy when this team finsishes 9-9 or 11-7, and i just shake my head at that, as that is a medoicre record. Too many fans are too willing to accept this, and they should demand more from this team. How do you express your dispelasure? Simple , by staying away from the games, hitting the team where it really hurts. How long before this team consisntely wins 13 to 15 per year, and regulary host playoff games. It has been 16 yrs since they hosted a playoff game, and 15 since they won a Grey Cup, which was a total fluke. Do any fans remember the early to mid 70’s when this team finished first or second all the time? It time for the fans of this team make their voices heard, and tell the GM and Coach and the Rider brass that medoicrity will NOT be accepted, and that this team needs to shore up their talent in the important areas— at the quarterback, receiver and placekicking positions

That seems a little harsh, abandoning our team like that. The Riders did try to get a better QB in December and it fell through. Who should they get? There are only so many quality starters out there, who would give one of them up? If all the fans listened to your suggestion, the Riders would fold because of not getting the gate revenues, or not be able to afford better players when they become available because of paying down debt.

I agree that something needs to be done, but to boycott Rider games does not feel like the right answer to me. Unfortunately, for all the years I have been a Rider fan, medoicrity is considered a good season. Actually, I think that a lot of Rider fans secretly enjoy being the underdog, kinda endears them to their team. (I am sure that I will get ripped for that statement.)


who says im abandoning them? I want them to do well and win titles, but it seems like the Rider braintrust doesnt care, and if they dont , why should the fans? To say that medoicrity is a good season, that is exactly my point, we should hope and expect BETTER THAN THAT from this team, the team needs to be shaken up right from the team president on down.

.........abandon your team at the Gate and you'll end up with an Ottawa situation........and 'expecting' 13 to 15 wins per season is pretty unreasonable.......in fact, in a league with the skill parity we have its downright ridiculous to demand wins like that........

.......you have to support your team financially, but attend the game with a paper bag on your noggin.....

I have a paperbag from the Pezzim years in BC you can borrow....its a bit worn, but still works!

HMMMMMM sounds like what I have said all along!!!!!
One rider fan has seen the light.AMEN!!!!!

First off your wrong! By staying away from the games only makes the team worse. Your team being community owned who is this going to hurt. The team with enough fans supporting the team can afford players that will create success. Have you heard what is happening in Ottawa sure it is different but staying away shows that the cityu does not support football so move it. With the Riders it just hurts the community! Big deal so they have not won a GC for a while. Have you not been entertained. Really the team has not been that bad, if they were in last palce year after year then yes be disappointed but do not stop supporting your team that is just wrong.

redwhite2005 you know why they love them riders.They love them,so they can complain about them.
It is just like the poor saskatchewan farmers.Cry me a flipping river.!!!

You seem to have a bad case of jumping of the wagon I hope those legs heal up soon.

Well when you grow up being a farmer it gives you a right to complain. Dam rain to much, Dam not enough rain, Dam Riders they do not win. But really Saskargo you have to agree it is only a game, the team is community owned and staying away hurts the community! You to probably cheered for them at one time. Heck I dislike the Riders but that is natural. But to hate your team enough to stay away is just plain sad. If you do not like the team go to the games and cheer for the other team. At least you support the team. We all know that Shivers is the guy the figure should be pointed at and really one more year. If they get George Cortez as HC and Genral Manager then you will see success. But yep farmers are professional complainers and they earned that right!

Heck I know a few fans that had toilet seats around their neck during the Feterik reign!

Back in the early 70s and 80s farmewrs were making MILLIONS of dollars.I have alot of rich farmers that live in Saskatchewan.They just invested it right.
You ever see farmers trucks in Saskatchewan.They are usually $50,000 trucks.
Farming is a business.If you don't plan riight,then you deserve to be screwed!!!!
Heck if I had a business,and it went under none would help moi!!!
Why should the farmers get treated different?
As for riders.I never cheered for them.
Do I support them.Yes usually once a year.I encourage rider fans to support their team.I don't want them to fold.I hope it helps the community also.Like I said before I LOVE SASKATCHEWAN!!!!!

I guess they have it wrong in Edmonton, where they win 13 to 15 games a year and never miss they playoffs, with good attendance. Edmonton fans were disappointed with their team's regular season performance. They consistenly have good talent, develop players , and strive for excellence every year. Fold that franchise, we need more franchises like Saskatchewan, where fans can count on one thing-- its always next year country

The reason for their success is the fans pack their stadium allowing them to pay for good talent. They have had great success because they have good managment. The Riders under Shivers has not been good enough. That is why change is required. To quit on them dooes nothing.

As a buddy pointed out me the other day---- what if you had someone you loved who was a drug addict? You would keep giving money if he didnt go and get help somewhere along the line? Or would say enough is enough? I will support the team, just not with my hard earned cash until they stop the bleeding, and quit snowing the fans by saying come to the games and we will do the best we can. I will go into rehab, just give me $$ so I can get my next fix as well!!!!!

Being a riderfan is like a drug addict! You can’t get enough rider football and come down when they lose. The fact is and the bottom line is that it is entertainment. Yes it is great to have success but as long as you have fun at the games then whats the problem. The fact is you and others dod not go to the game what will it accomplish! Do you think this will get you a better team or do you think with less money (which this team can not afford). Even the four years with the Box King and his son playing QB Stamps fans were entertained had a good time and supported the team. Sooner or later the team will have success, in the meantime have fun your way to serious. The world does not end if the Riders lose a football game.

Being a rider fan id like being a drug addict.Thta is so funny!!!!!

But that analogy dies in that, giving a football team money is not like giving a drug addict money. For an addict, having more money is a bad thing, because the more money they have, the more drugs they can buy, and the more harm they can do to themselves. For a football team, the more money they have, the more good players and coaches they can afford, and the more successful they can be.

Pulling your support for the team does not make the team better, it makes it worse. Then more people pull their support, and the team gets even worse. Next thing you know, the Gliebermen are making an offer to buy your team, and the board of governors is meeting in Toronto to suspend your franchise’s operations.

As a Ticat fan, it kills me when I hear people complain about their team’s 9-9 season. For crying out loud, I had season tickets through a 2-16 season and a 1-17 season. Did I complain? You better believe I did! But did I pull my support and refuse to buy tickets? No chance in hell!

They can have my season tickets when they pry them from my cold dead hand.

I guess a 9-9 season would be pure bliss for any Ti-Cat fan, given the fact it is an accomplishment when they win 6 games. If they finish better than 9-9 , it will a massacre of epic porportions as most fans in Never WIn Stadium will have extreme coronaries form the team doing so well

Only 5 wins last year, actually...and 28,000 fans!

How did the team repay the loyal fans? By acquiring Jason Maas, Josh Ranek, George Hudson,... all of whom will make our team better. If we stopped supporting the team, we would never have gotten these guys.