It's a shame that Duval's wife and kids had to leave the game with 5 minutes left because Rider fans were pouring beer on them !

well, there are always going to be stupid fans that will do dumb things like that.

I hope they were kicked out of the bar or wherever they were at.

shame on them!

Show me the proof I can't find anything in print to show that Damon Duval's wife had beer poured on her.

It was reported in the MTL Gazzette and I found it in Canada.com.
Duval states, how he had to tell his wife and kids what happened in the last 5 minutes, as his wife Ashley and the kids were having beer poured on them. I had no problem finding it at all on Canada .com !

And people wonder why fans don't want to be in the same place as those idiots. I blame Hopson for this. Rider fans have turned into a mob and it was clear last year when they were throwing objects at the Lions players. He publicly said he would deal with it. This year gave that section beer cans again ! The facebook group inciting killing. Frankly it has gone too far and if the league and the Rider organisation does not deal with it, something tragic will happen. Duval's kids btw are pre-schooler and if these ANIMALS can't control themselves around babies they should be banned from CFL stadiums or at least removed from the stadium when they behave like ANIMALS

It use to be cute, it is not anymore.

Nobody’s disagreeing that actions such as those are horrible. Why do you insult all Rider fans when obviously it was one or two idiots?

During or around one game this year that did not involve the Riders, an opposing team’s fan was stabbed (I don’t remember which teams). Did you call all the fans of that team attempted murderers?

I can't find anything about this sorry kasps BTW how did those fans know who duval's wife is???? not saying it didnt happen just trying to get some holes filled......and yes there are always idiots no matter where you go it just so happens that sometimes they put on a jersey also that crap happens here with dumd "fans" destroying rider gear after the game on sunday my friend had his rider flag ripped off his car and cut up on the street outside TCU place in saskatoon

I don't consider Rider fans the best fans in the CFL. Acting like english soccer fans would be more of an accurate description. Don't expect much from Hopson to deal with unruly behaviour from fans. If you remember a few years back the Riders GM was seen on the sidelines yelling at the police. This is the leadership they have. How about the manure affair. The fans support the Riders now only because they have winning teams. However some years ago these same Riders needed to have a telethon to save their franschise as they were broke. They don't support their team during losing seasons. Unruly rowdy behaviour, hooliganism, out of control drunkiness is not what I would consider traits of fans that are considered the best in the leaque. Quite the opposite. I would consider fans who attend games and support their team thru losing seasons to be the best fans. I would consider the fans in Edmonton to be the best CFL fans. You don't hear much from their fans because they don't behave in an inappropriate manner. As for Duval's wife having beer thrown on her by Rider fans. It should not surprise anyone. During the 2007 Grey Cup one of Winnipeg's greatest sports fan Dancing Gabe was at the Game and entertaining the fans. Rider fans yelled at him and made fun of his disability. Need I say more.

So you’re saying among a population 10s to 100s of thousands of fans, some act like morons? Wow shocker…

Not some Rider fans, most act like morons.

Hey all you Rider fan bashers - enough already. Besides they were probably Calgary fans in Rider gear. :lol:

Give us a link and maybe add some credibility to your ill advised post. I did a search at Canada.com and came up with nadda. So put up or shut up.

So you're literally saying that more than 100,000 Roughrider fans throughout Saskatchewan and at least 20,000 in Calgary committed criminal acts during the game? Why wasn't the army called in then?

Maybe it was in the Gazette and on Canada.com, but if that’s the case, then maybe you could post a link to back up your allegations. I’m not saying this didn’t happen, we just like people back up what they say. :wink:

thats wierd because my sister was at the game and they ran out of beer during 2nd quarter

You must realize who Duval’s wife is. She is the daughter of Satan himself…Larry “Devil Horns” Smith.
The Rider fans were just trying to purify the children with Rider holy water so that the grankids of Satan would not try to destroy the CFL in the future.
Duval did all he could to destroy the CFL’s credibility by having a punting average of just over 20 yards and missing a very easy field goal despite claiming to be the highest single season scorer in CFL history.

Here's the link, but the comment by someone following the article who says they were behind her during the game provides a contrary perspective.

It was on the Score as well, he was interviewed by Cam Stewart. So stop denying it, it's a fact. I 'm fairly sure fans may have bought more than 1 beer at a time and may have brought some in themselves.

Maybe the Riders should get references before allowing anyone to buy a jersey or go to a game :wink:
I don’t think Hopson should be responsible for that ridiculous facebook group, that should lay on their moms and dads as I’m sure they are mainly teenagers. Most adults have better things to do, like the 1500 fans who welcomed our guys home.
Have I met disrespectful Rider fans, you bet, and if they are pouring beer on a player they should face consequences. Believe or not, I’ve also met disrespectful fans from other teams in the CFL, although I’ve never met a Montreal fan so I can’t comment on that. None of these fans live up to the idiot parents I’ve seen at kids hockey games, but I’ve yet to label all hockey moms and dads as idiots.
Anyways, Rider fans are great and a couple of comments on the CFL forum won’t change that.

forgot the link first time- anyways, here it is - http://www.canada.com/hero+Duval+thanks ... story.html

[url=http://www.canada.com/hero+Duval+thanks+second+chance/2283764/story.html]http://www.canada.com/hero+Duval+thanks ... story.html[/url]