Rider fans...

...please, you fill up our stadium, which I'm sure Ted Hellard loves you for, but enough hanging out in our forum too...you have your own lovely forum, it misses you....luv, R&W....

They love us Red!

Yeah man, we love you guys.

I love: telling us to leave the forum by using an enticing title to any Rider fan that happens to glimpse at it.

I could feel the "Love-in" taking place. Thats why I had to take a peek at this thread. :lol: :lol:

....psych...made you look...


Our stadiums are already too full. And so is yours, and Winnipeg, and Edmonton .... seems to be these rider fans fill any stadium within 1000 miles of Riderville. We just have to spill out into every forum and CFL discussion we can find, because it's easier than finding gameday tickets.

Red do we have any pest remover!