Rider fans were calling Edmonton Eskimos about Playoff Tixs.

ya Word was that all these Rider fans were playing jokes on the Eskimos. They were calling the head office asking to know when their playoff Tickets were going on Sale.

the Esks staff were like "Huh? what?"

and the Rider fans were saying "don't you have a home playoff game?" :lol:

Wow, is there really nothing else to do in Saskatchewan to keep people entertained?

Would you be entertained with miles and miles of flat surface? :lol:

Im a Rider fan and even I think thats stupid... sheeshk...

well, I thought it was kinda low but then again, Rider fans (some of them) can be very nasty

I just hate it when people do stuff like that.. altho I dont know if its true or not... or even if it is really "rider fans" doing it, could be anyone and might just be an assumption.... seeing as how it would be a long distance call just to be an idiot. ... I am so tired of being painted with that brush about people who cheer for my team are classless.. It truely ticks me off..

ya, I would never do anything like that. it's just rubbing it in really.

It's ok to celebrate among your own fans and to hype it up as much as you want and even rub it in to specific fans from apposing teams who may have it coming. However to rub it into an organization is classless.

Then Rider fans wonder why people challenge our level of education. Some people are just morons.

It was actually a radio station in Saskatoon doing there daily morning prank telephone call. I happened to be in Stoon that day and heard the whole thing, it was kinda funny. They have a guy who has many voices and he calls all over the world as to whatever the hot topic of the day is. How this could translate into Rider fans is just another example of people blowing things out of proportion. Get your story straight before passing on garbage info.

oh whatever.

I just thought it was kinda funny

hmm... sorry cfl.... but how do you find something low and nasty.. and funny at the same time..
A radio station doing a prank is one thing.. still think it was stupid.. but I have heard some really stupid things by radio stations, so Im not quite so annoyed..

What would be funny is a Calgary station calling the Rider office and asking how much tickets are to the Western Final, and then asking how much they charge for a replica of the Riders 4th grey cup ring.


all they'd have to say is "well, wait a few weeks and we'll be able to tell you!" :cowboy:

It's a radio station, it's what they do. No biggie. If that is considered bad then the billboards the Riders took out in Edmonton and vice versa must have really ticked off people. More important things to worry about..., like who is still injured for the Riders after the last game?

A radio station phoning in and fans phoning in are totally different things. Radio station = 1 call. Saying fans are calling it is potentially hundreds...which would simply not be cool.

He is from Edmonton, but okay.

For serious? The Riders are going up against the Stamps this week, and they're pulling pranks against the Eskimos? Yeah, makes sense to me, too... :expressionless:

I doubt that is true Chief, I mean nobody is that lame. :wink: