Rider fans were calling Edmonton Eskimos about Playoff Tixs.

ya Word was that all these Rider fans were playing jokes on the Eskimos. They were calling the head office asking to know when their playoff Tickets were going on Sale.

the Esks staff were like "Huh? what?"

and the Rider fans were saying "don't you have a home playoff game?" :lol:

Are you sure there are not a few more forums you could post this garbage in?? See your thread on the CFL forum for what actually happend.

Are saying you have been doing this, or trying to incite this to happen? Do you have a link that supports this, because I see nothing.

I would like to hope that most people are too mature to do this.

Taleback in the other thread says it was a radio station. I can't see a whole bunch of rider fans coming up with this idea all at the same time. Someone would have had to organize something like this. So the Rider fans are getting a bad rap for what a radio station did (94.5 fm in Regina does this all the time). :expressionless:

Jack FM is the worst of all the bad radio stations in Regina.