Rider fans vandalize CanadInns Stadium

Best fans in the league at it again...

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2012/08/31/riders-fans-vandalize-stadium]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2012/08/31/r ... ze-stadium[/url]

Click on the pictures...

oh well.

Proof that the media does troll fan message boards. A Bomber employee had posted something on Facebook on Monday about damage to signage by vandals (no mention of the pro-Rider graffiti) so I wouldn't be surprised if the Bombers were trying to keep it quiet. But the pictures were posted at OurBombers yesterday and then linked to at other fan message boards (RidersFans, ExtraPoint) and now the media has found out about it.

Hopefully there will be no retaliation.

Stay classy, people.

Ontario teams, though, could only WISH for such passion. But then it's only corporate Leafs fake passion that counts here, very sadly. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Love Western Canada passion. :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

i'll bet it was angry bomber fans who did it or people who arent fans of either team.. winnipeg has a lot of idiots and morons and gangs..its true, wouldnt surprise me to learn that the ppl who did this were either angry bomber fans, paul lapolice :wink: jk or some bunch of thugs from some wannabe gang..

Only team I won't watch is the Riders, too many fights in the stands and crap when Riders fans are around. Im not saying all garbage fans cheer for the Riders, and that all their fans are idiots, but most of the games Ive gone too that I wish I stayed home have involved that team. That goes from being a kid until ten years ago when I said enough is enough.

Cant open the link but I hope it is nothing to bad. There is no need for this stuff no matter who does it.

I'd say 1/2 of their fans are probably the best in the CFL and the other...the worst.

It's funny one of the radio stations in Alberta always rips rider fans and always seems to take shots at SK...mainly Regina. There is some truth to their coments, but probably not called for on public radio...but I guess it's too easy to take the shots when there is plenty of ammo.

Yeah, except you'd never get away with it at the Rogers Centre. There is so many cameras and security at that place, you'd have better luck trying to scale the CN tower next to it and Rogers would happily sue you for every penny.

[i]Johnny loves those watermelon heads! They breaks everyting and they covered Mcallum's house in cow ****!!!!!

Them Rider fans just love to piss into the wind :oops: [/i]

I certainly is fun to be sitting in the stands at a home Rider game. Passion is great but property damage (think of Vancouver and Calgary) is not. It still at the end of the day just a game. Wrecking the property of others who've worked hard to get where they are at, is pathetic.

Absolutely, passion and just being plain idiotic because you've got nothing between the ears are two different things, agree.

I would say the same thing about Canuck fans.

I find the older Rider fans are fine and remember how truly awful the Riders were for a long time and are just happy their franchise has turned things around. The younger fans are the problems. They can't handle friendly banter without their being a fight. They act as if they won 5 Grey Cups in a row. They need to remember 3 Grey Cups in over 80 years doesn't really give you to much in the way of bragging rights. But overall, I love the trip to Regina for this game.Most of it is positive,minus the Bombers getting smoked. The bus trip to Regina is ridiculous and the whole weekend is a test of endurance. Drinking Rye Slurpees with the Cheerleaders at 10 am always works!

A lot of paint being put on with some wide brushes here. I know a lot of older fans who are absolutely terrible fans and a lot of younger who are fantastic. Yes there are crappy younger ones as well, but the vast majority of Rider fans are great. It is unfortunate that some ruin it for others.

And Calgaryred, it is unfortunate that your experience with Rider games are like that. But to use my own wide paintbrush those fans are the ones that moved to Alberta because they couldn't hack it (them or their parents) in the motherland. They call themselves rider fans but really they are meatheads and douchers who wouldn't know Ridgeway from George Reed.

As a rider fan (and a pretty passionate one) it's unfortunate that some people see us as the beer throwing, manure dumping, fight starting pricks that ruin the fun for everyone. When really we are the telethon having, community owning, 400 km driving, pilsner drinking, watermelon hat wearing, grey cup week attending, good time fans who just want to have a fantastic time and hopefully see the Riders win.

Last year while taking in the Grey cup festivities I spent the night drinking Beer at Riderville, I had a blast met lots of people from Regina had a few photos from some guy painted in green Pixie dust. their were no arguments just friendly banter I think most were CFL fans first, then fans of their teams, sure their are bad apples in every bunch, but every team has them. As far as labeling Vandals as Rider fans, there not their Criminals.

I know its always a small group of idiots that make the rest of the Rider nation look stupid... BUT... they sure have a LOT of idiots.

Typical of the "media" to sensationalize something in order to create a story when they can't find one on their own. This was obviously being looked into by police so what has the Winnipeg Sun done by stepping in 3 days after the fact? They gave these mental midgets exactly what they wanted; their 15 minutes of fame. Another well played story by that bastion of journalism; Sun Media. :lol: And for the brain surgeons with the spray paint.... :roll: just too cool for school boys. :roll:

Which province is superior...