Rider Fans the Greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The playoff game in Regina will be an event not just a game. The whole province is green and white such spirit not displayed anywhere else in Canada.
The Riders fans are magnificent and should be held up in high esteem by all Canadians for their loyalty and undying support. Rider Pride is indeed nation wide.
All other CFL teams are envious of our Rider Pride!!!
Instead of downplaying it come and join in as we welcome out of province supporters.
When you watch this game on television, you will see the unparalled spirit of Rider fans.
Riders Rule :thup:

BC and Calgary fans have trouble handling the fact that not anything close to this support is evident in their stadiums when their teams play at home. Come on over to the good guys side!!! :thup:


This will be a huge event! they may only get 30,000 fans (I bet 33,000 if they fill the endzones and so on) but It will be the loudest 30,000 + fans you'll ever imagine!

Burris is gonna S**T his pants!! haha

Well, with my Eskimos out, I'll definitely be cheering for the Riders. They're probably my second favourite team. Good luck!

he does this every playoffs.

Man, this forum certainly has no shortage of trash talking when the playoffs arrive! :lol:

All right, now we have some good old fashioned smack from the Riders! Thank you Turkey nuts. Finally one of you finally had the courage to come on and gloat about the Riders instead of posting sarcastic defensive statements about anyone who critizes the Riders or gloats about their own team.

By the way, we're not envious of banjo strumming imbreds who don't know any better than putting perfectly good watermelons on their heads. Go drink some of that filthy sludge they sell at rock bottom prices outside the province to get it moved. Thats right, I'm bad mouthing Pilsner. Cripes when I was in College we used to draw straws to see who had to finish the Pil. Kokanee is a real football fans' beer. Mountain fresh, like Geroy's patent endzone move.

Another brilliant post by Mervin...

Imbred? What's an imbred?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That was well thought out 05.

If Saskatchewan fans are "inbreds",which they are not, you Swerymervie(?) are a "bottom fedder" living in a world without reality so close to the ocean. I know its sounding personal, but so are most of your other posts. Cut the name calling and I will too!

You still dating your sister.

Ah...classy as ever, KL...

That was pretty brutal... I think you would have been better off to have not typed that one.

How is calling the people of Saskatchewan a bunch of inbreds trash talking? Jesus, man. You really don't have a clue...

BTW, Kokanee is shit. You might as well drink water.

Another intelligent post from 05... and I was ready to give you another chance after you apologized to Billy_Soup. Guess that was premature.

Its all about the Corona!

I hate to burst your bubble, but we’re not envious of you.

Did you ever stop to think that you guys go googoo because it’s so few and far between that you’re even IN the Grey Cup (let alone win it)? I know, it’s a little overwhelming for you guys.

Believe me, we have just as much “pride” here in BC for our team. We’re just more accustomed to these big games and know how to handle them. We’re not having trouble with anything - we’re just fine.

You’ve obviously never been to BC Place or heard the noise some real diehard fans make. Opposing offenses have a real problem getting plays off when we’re in the house. Dress in your silly green hair all you want - real fans know how to impact the game…and we do do that.

Last year’s WF was incredible (remember - when we beat your team?). Too bad our fans were such a distraction to your team. Those are real fans - hard at work. So play dress up all you want. Noone on the field notices. :slight_smile:

Most Rider games are more than just a game on the regular... Most are sweet events.

Must be hard to make noise with the Canned noise and the Closed roof.

Debra why bother Rider fans are the ugly sister who looks in mirror and thinks she is a movie star. If turkeynuts needs this type of attention so be it. He is still an ugly sister. By the way you can not fault fans for being supportive.