Rider fans show they are Canada's #1 Fans!!!

I attended the game at Mosaic on Sunday, and i must say, WOW!! I live 3 hrs from Regina, and i try to make a few games a year. My first game this year was Nov 7th against the Stamps, and i thought it was unbelievable! Hard to top the fan frenzy. But Sunday was 100% the ultimate display of fan support i've seen in my life!!!
Rider fans are the best, no fans show up at home or opposing stadiums like they do, i just wanted to blow our horn because i think we deserve to be recognized as the #1 fans in the league!!! Don't take me wrong fans, any CFL fan of any team is a great fan!!! I'm not mealy mouthing everyone elses fans, i'm only congratulating ours for being the best(in my opinion)!!!!

The atmosphere at that game was electric. My voice is still trying to recover (and hopefully it will come Sunday!)

It was lots of fun to take in and see.

I didn't realize until half way through the first quarter that I couldn't hear the P.A. announcer or the ref. Now that was fun.

Yes! Just one more job left.
We will show up in droves and support our Green n' White boys!
They are bringing home the cup!

As a devout Als' fan, I should be taking exception to your remarks. But I can't because you are absolutely right. The presence of "Rider Nation" is worth, in my opinion, at least a touchdown when Saskatchewan takes to the field. That said, a friend of mine told me of a time he showed up for a Riders home game with his Als jersey on. He says he was razzed mercilessly, but never felt threatened and always felt welcomed. In my books, that makes Saskatchewan fans classy as well as devoted.
Still, I'm sure you folks will understand if I wish the Riders the worst of luck on Sunday. But, should the Als lose, I will take some consolation that it was Saskatchewan they lost to.

I'm with you, on that point. I have many friends who are Als fans. Yes, I'd like the Riders to win, BUT if we don't, I'll be happy for my friends.