Rider fans need not complain

37,711 in attendance at the Esks game.
Start time 8:00 THURSDAY night.
Also going on in Edmonton is Taste of Edmonton, Grand Prix, Capital Ex.

Given ALL that, 37,711 still attended the game!!

So to the Rider fans on this board who make lame excuses for the low attendance at Taylor Field, keep this in mind the next time you want to cry about the game being on a Sunday.

Must admit Sunday is better than Thursday because I don't think I would make the drive on a Thursday. Good attendance. I won't get into the usual crap, I will just say congrats on the numbers. Good game too, all things considered. Too bad it turned out as it did, but it sure was entertainment for me.

Go Riders!!

You do realize the population of Regina is 200,000 compared to 1,000,000 population of Edmonton. Thats 1/8th the population. Now lets do some math here... The per-capita attedance is WAY better in Saskatchewan then Edmonton. So your argument is pointless. To be able to have close to an average of 25,000 fans at a football game with a city population of 200,000 is amazing. Thats pretty much 1/8 persons at the game. Where as Edmonton probobly has a 30-35k average attendance.. Lets give you the benefit and say 35k, Thats 1/28 persons in edmonton attending the game.. Before you make a post and look like an idiot, do the math.

As a die hard bomber fan, Sask is the only other team/city in the league I have respect for. For such a small market to have that large of a fan base is absolutely amazing.

Why does everything have to be about Rider fans, all the time, even when their team isn't playing?

It is simple. Everyone is obsessed with us =) As you will notice that this post was started by an Eskimo fan and I was the only Rider fan to reply thus far. All I said was congrats. Bluengold Bomber fan) then said what everyone else knows (thanks by the way) and you came on to b*tch. So why are all posts about Rider fans.... who knows. But it is not necessarily our fault.

Go Riders!!

Easy there big fella. Don't be so sensitive. I wasn't implying that it was your fault. I did notice that the thread was started by an Eskimos fan. That was my point.

EE must feel like an idiot he hasnt replyed yet he was OWNED