Rider fans make Stamps be on the road at home!

:rockin: ONly in Calgary can it be possible to have more green in the crowd than red.

Calgarians are bright people apparently as they know how to pick a winner I guess.

Riders will rule
Stamps drool! :oops:
Rider Pride Nation Wide

:rockin: :cowboy: :wink:

Looking forward to Calgary beating Sakatchewan so I don't have to read anymore lame ProRiders posts

The only way your gonna stop that is if you put up some check stops on the #1 and get all those drunk hillbillies off the road.

Nice. Classy. Time to quit puffin on a joint as you write on here.

yup. That would NEVER happen in regina :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking outside at the weather here in Calgary, I think fans of both teams will be blue.