Rider fans...let's not hit the panic button yet, please!!!

yes, Saturday was ugly…but hey, we are only 4 weeks into this…I do not want to be the team that is peaking at week 4. Let’s give it some time (run, Kerry, run!) The offence has potential, and the defence needs to be more of a rush and get better agianst the run.
That said, it will be a bit of a gut check Friday night back in BC.

yeah i hate it when we lose a couple uglies
near the start of the season and everybody says we cant make the playoffs its only week 4 people! plenty of football to go. Our defence can play good but they just didnt seem motivated to do so.

Is that what you hear Rider fans say?

Every time the Riders pick up another cast-off quarterback all everyone else seems to hear is how the Riders will slaughter everyone on the way to the Grey Cup.

LAST PLACE. Where are all the Rider fans that want to make long threads every week, pointing out who is in LAST PLACE after week 1, week 2, week 3, etc.

LAST PLACE. enjoy.

I think this team peaked in 2003.

when your offence puts up 36 points, u SHOULD win.

but the defence gives up 53???...wtf was that?

they gave up 45 to BC and now 53 to calgary....no matter how good kerry joseph does, he can't be expected to put up 55 points a game to win.


Week 4 has come and gone and it looks like the start of a typical Rider season when so many thought it would be atypical. By the time the Riders get their _s_hit together it'll be a week before playoffs. Good luck.

I say jump all over that panic button. That's what's wrong with the Rider organization. They wait wayyyy to long to act on a bad situation. Make some changes with the coaching staff and shake sh_it up!!! Or, do nothing like every other year and watch another year go down the toilet.

Take the Esks for example. There is a reason why they are the most succesful team in CFL history. Bombers blow us out and changes are made. Esks bounce back and win.

Will the Riders make any changes after the blow out? I'd bet dimes to dollars they won't.

I agree completely with EE. We (as a general group) have come to accept this as a fact of football life in Saskatchewan. We should have had a better start - there is no excuse not to. To be blown out of the water thanks to the D (in large part) in two of three games is unacceptable.

I want better. This losing all the time s*cks royally.

There's still the crossover though, eh Rider fans? Hamilton and Toronto(mind you they don't have DA), haven't looked all that strong this year, thus far.

What it is 6 years now and they have not gotten any better standing pat with their players. You have to upgrade and that defense has not been upgraded. The offense looks good but losing two games now because of the defense must be a big concern. Nate looked like an old lady.

I agree no need for the panic button when all the other teams have one of these
when they play the riders.

Hamilton and TO have not been blown out of the water in any game this year...Hammer almost beat the Stamps in Calgary and TO (with a backup qb) almost knocked off the Lions in BC.....

im still a lil speechless from coming home from the game :expressionless: i realize its not time to hit the

, but something must be goin on in the locker room, :? ya BIG Nate didnt look to good, the DB's, the whole damn defence :o somebody better shake up this team and i mean soon!

I am inviting all you good rider fans to come and join the Riders West the Calgary Stampeders!

Exactly!! Tighten up that defence and then you’ll see things happen.

I though the riders were gonna do good this year. guess im wrong!

Where is Saskargo..???? She must be doing cartwheels so far!

I agree with the posters that want to hit the panic button. Shivers still thinks he's in Vega playing cards and "Standing Pat". He hardly made any changes this year other than the Ottawa draft.

I wonder if Barrett could speak up, what would he say about the players dealt to him?

I would only hit the panic button if they can cut them without financial loss...... remember, that's a big part of the reason they were brought back after last season.

At this point, if I were the Rider brass, I would definitely be talking to candidates for next year at the very least.