Rider fans its that time

Okay all you rider fan misfits it is that time of the year a few days before the game vs the Stamps. Time to smack with the rw2005. This year thats be a little kinder to each other though. I will start it off.

It will be an honor for the red and white team to have green toe jam stuck in their cleats. Yup your team is a bit hurt but from what I have read from many rider fans it does not matter the green will win. Well I do not think so the streak ends ( only streak that will be talked about is the rider fans streaking at the game ). This will be Hanks game he loves beating down the green team from the east. He will have a smile as wide as Texas. So when you come to the game have fun and enjoy watching your team lose.

Come on Turkeybend you need to reply my friend thats hear some old fashion turkey wisdom LOL.

Just as much as Hank likes to play us our DB's like to send Hank to the turf.

Crandell will play and he will play well, Cate's will be unstoppable, and our defense will stop Calgary in their tracks.

OK thats nice.

Should be a good one. As long as Calgary sends out those cheerleaders they call a defense the Riders have a chance :wink:

Ah duster I can always count on you with a good one. Let me counter this one. They only have to cover the water boy after the injuries your team has experienced. So now most of those hidden players Tilly has can now play LOL.

While you may have a valid point, I still think our water boy will find a way to get open against the likes of Lysack and Bannister :wink:

...word out of practice camp today is that Hufnagel finally put an end to the stamp defensive backfield group bet on who could play the longest into the season wearing a blindfold...

...my team is pi$$ed at the loss in Winnipeg, the riders are giddy with glee with their current success story, anger > joy, time for a pounding....

Bannister is out for the next game LOL

This weekend it is save a watermelon and wear a green bag on your head day. Oh for safety reasons make sure it is paper.

News Wire............ Nik Lewis attempts to audition for the Shriner's Circus by performing his juggling act for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, but gets lit up by Saskatchewan MLB Maurice Lloyd like a Xmas tree on July 1st.

If I recall lil Nik has a field day with the riders. Who is Lloyd never heard of him?

He'll have a field day all right, he'll be brushing his teeth with rubber pellets.

Nice save on tooth paste. You write like you fear for your team. You should!

Nope no fear at all, confident that they will play a full 60 minutes, something that Calgary unable or unwilling to do. After all isn't CGY still "undefeated"????????

Yeah Calgary is undefeated because they only beat themselves.

Well I hope Calgary is ready to beat the tar out of each other this Saturday.

Remember, we're playing at home this Saturday. (Judging by the amount of Rider Green in the stands at the Glue Factory!) :smiley:

Not yet :wink: He didn’t practice today though. Probably the first time there’s Rider fans hoping a Calgary starter is playing and Stamp fans are hoping he can’t go.

...I totally forgot too that this is the weekend when all principles of mathematics become warped by the power of group thought....when 8,500 green clad fans in a stadium that holds 35,650 can equal 50% of the attending population....I hear MIT is sending high ranking professors to study the phenomenon....

Well I am making the drive out with my son and a few of his friends to add to the green haze at the glue factory.

Just hope there are a few Frankfurters kicking around.

Think Palmer will step it up well. I suspect that Bagg will get some playing time. I am guessing he Young will be the 3rd qb. Hopefully Adams will be back to help put pressure on Frank along with Bak and Verdon and the regular gang that are still walking...

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers :slight_smile: