Rider Fans in Trouble!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH RIDERS!?


What is wrong with the Riders??????? They KEEP WINNING!!


:rockin: :lol: :D

LMAO... I believe that somehow we fans will find a way to handle it turk...

First time since 1976 that the Riders have this good of a record 8 games in.

yet it feels oh so appropriate.

First time I ever remember the riders having the best record in the CFL with any substantial ammount of games played.

Feels pretty good!

I think we'll handle it the same we we handled losing, Turkey...with grace and dignity and a couple of 2-4s of Pilsner...

Speaking of Pil…looking for one of those black flags to send to a fellow forum member (not a Rider fan) who wanted one…anyone have an extra they’re willing to part with? I have only one,and he’s not getting it…lol

I dont drink Pil, so I dont have one to begin with, the flags are nice, but the beer totally s-ucks.

Partial to Blue and Heineken myself. And a little Canadian on occasion.

But congrats to the Riders. Thanks for picking us apart. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you like Heineken, you would love the island I live on.... it is a dutch island in the caribbean that almost exclusively sells Heineken.... and they are $1 each!!

Go Riders!!

$1 Heineken? :o I know where I'm vacationing from now on! :smiley:

If I drink beer its Coors Light with clamato juice(and I had to acquire that taste). I really prefer rye & coke, or rye/coke presses.

Well I suppose if you are going to drink a putrid beer like Coor's Light, you need to mix it with something...but I hate clamato as well...
I don't actually drink Pil myself, but one needs to protect and project the proper Prairie image...
But there are a multitude of better beers out there.
Of course I could have said "a handle of CC" rather than "a 2-4 of Pil".
I like my rye/coke as well Sambo..though the only press I like is from the melting ice.
I have been known to drink a mickey or two of vodka as well.
But the real treat is the single malt whisky--bring on the Lagavulin

Yeah, somehow the whole concept of "Beer & Clam" would be something to get used to. But if you want a fringe microbrewery beer, there's one just outside of Hamilton that makes what they call a "green apple pilsner." It's actually pretty good.

C'mon folks - the only drink to have after a Rider victory is Drambuie!!!!!!!!!!!
Followed by a beer of course!!!

I stand corrected!
A few drams of drambuie would have tasted mighty fine DURING the game last night....
Lack of foresight/preparation on my part.

I tried rye and coke before, but it tasted too sweet to me.

Two things.
First, try a different whisky.
Second, you're using too much coke...

Id tell you the beer I like, but Im not supposed to drink... Corona Extra is good though lol

I think what is important is, win or lose we do what we can to promote the sterotype of a bunch of hicks that like to drink.....because we do!!