Rider fans in for rough second half

Had a chance to spend a week in Saskatoon and darn near died laughing listening to phone-in talk shows like John Gormley on AM650 News Talk. The Rider fans were tripping all over themselves with the Michael Bishop trade and how this was the big key in their march back to the Grey Cup, and on and on. Yeah, right.

Now, with the Labour Day classic coming up on Sunday, the old hype-o-meter is really giving 'er. But deep-down, Rider fans know Bishop is going to lead them exactly nowhere. Oh, he'll look good doing it with long bombs here and there and some big passing yards (mostly between the 20-yard markers) but when it comes to the crunch, Bishop is only Bishop. There's a reason he's been a backup for 7 years people.

As a Bomber fan, hearing that Bishop is heading to Sask. is reason to celebrate for at least two reason. One: it means the Riders messed up on the Kerry Joseph trade and are now in shell-shock survivor mode. Two: it means the Argos are at least as messed up. Since both teams are now standing in the path of the soon-to-surge Bombers, all I can do is hope for more Bishop-like silliness to come from both camps. One thing for sure: it's going to be a long back half of the season for the puke-green Riders. Go Bombers!

Soon to surge Bombers????? You sniffing glue?????
With Bishop and Durant they have more of a chance then the Gluebombers with Glen and Dimwittle.....

Had a chance to drive by this person laughing out loud at people who was they were istening to on the radio. I thought to myself holy crap that person is nuts. So as a Bomber fan why is it important to you that SSK "messed" up on the Joseph trade???? WPG is in the East divsion. Actually Bishop going to SSK, potentially alleviates the pressure on Joseph in TORONTO. Soon to surge??? Yup you sure wupped up them Tabbies didn't ya???

Just so you know but anything you hear on the John Gormley show should be taken with about a pound of salt. The guy is fairly moronic, and his callers are usually worse.

Bish is the real deal and with him and Durant as a very capable back up, the Riders would have to be favourites to repeat.

^god i hope your not serious

If Durant stays behind Bishop all season he will leave the team next year I would thing. That is the guy that needs to be starting and if he isn't by next week expect an ugly quarterback controversy to start here in Rider ville.

OK, As a Rider fan this really drives me crazy. I dont think either Durnat, Bishop or any other QB should automatically get the starting spot based on winning 2 games. I say the best QB RIGHT NOW should get the spot, regardless of past performances. It drives me crazy this putting up on a pedistal thing some fans have because someone won a game or 2. If Bishop is better, let him start, if Durant is better, let him start. I only care about who gets the job done this week, not who got it done last week (or 3 weeks ago, or whatever)

I prefer this version

Riderfan1 - yes, the most sensible thing said this week. Good on ya, mate.

Its hard to figure this out. What is more stupid? A Winnipeg fan telling us we are going to have a bad season. Or some Rider fans whining and complaing about a 6 and 2 team. Durant is hurt. Bishop is playing. Why dont the whiners do this? See how Bishop plays. Joseph was a lot better in Saskatchewan than Toronto. Bishop may be better with Riders to. Cates. A better line. Better coaching.

If Riders beat Bombers they will have done this. Won with 4 different qbs. Crandall. Durant. Jyles. Bishop.

If Riders are 7 and 2 most people will be happy. Some will always complain about something. I like Durant. But if we are 7 and 2 I will do this. Say great job Coach Miller. Great job when a lot of people picked Riders last. Said Austin couldnt be replaced. Or said Hall should be head coach. I said Hall should be head coach. Miller shut me up.

Bishop is under alot of pressure, This game its time to put up or shut up for Bishop, Riders have a Very good Backup , Who will ensure the Riders get a home playoff game, at the least. If Bishop Runs instead of Guns then he will be a force , but if he playes like he did in last years east playoff, he wont be in cfl much longer! IMHO

All the Riders need to do tomorrow is keep it simple on offence - do a small number of things well, and win with execution. Hopefully in some dusty corner still lies the game plan they used when Rocky Butler started on Labour Day (what was that, four years ago now?...five?). I'm sure they didn't run 6 different plays that day.

Bishop and Cates will have to run the ball, alot, and the D will have to return to the form it showed in the first 5 games.

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:roll: :roll: I don't believe the Bombers are in for a stellar second half- even if they reverse their record from the first half, wether that is 6-3 or 7-2, it is only a .500 record, and that may not be enough for them to make it into the post season. You can bet that BC wont be a sub .500 team when the regular season ends, and neither will any of the other teams in the West Division. Make no mistake about it, the Bombers and Cats are in tough to make it to the playoffs this year.

After watching BC last night, I wouldn't be so sure they will be better than .500 at season's end. When is the last time a BC team had a chance to close out a game like last night and failed? This is not previous year's Lions. Something is missing.

Gangtackle give your head a shake I predict in time and not long Bishop will do well in Regina, he did not play much in TO why is that DUH! Allen was there, Riders will win tomorrow by 17 points, and the Bomber fans that are just sour because the Bombers don't make any moves to improve there team as the fans there wanted Bishop, and the Riders got him :slight_smile: Riders improve and Bombers continue to slide there season could be done if the Riders win both games.

Bishop is a better option than what the Riders currently had, but that isn't saying much. Rider receivers couldn't hang on to a Crandell fast ball, wait until they get a taste of Bishops.

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