Rider fans in Calgary

People always talk about how many Rider fans are at a Calgary game.

I was there last night and from what I saw the white sections on the ends were mostly Rider fans with a few Stamp fans mixed in. The middle sections were mostly Stamp fans with a few Rider fans mixed in.

Going to the game there was a lot more green then red. I rode the c-train in and some of the Calgary people were commenting on how much green there actually was.

At the Rider tailgate party there was about 2500 Rider fans. Coming up on Thursday the guy on the radio said 'there will be bus loads of Rider fans coming up and they're even bringing their own band.'

So all in all I would say there were about 7500-10000 Rider fans there last night to see us get our asses absolutely kicked.

Yes Riders have a penchant for letting down there fans, was a hyped up game just like Westwood did awhile back, and you all know those results.
Personally, Riders play way better when they are under the radar without the big expectations.

…a sportswriter here did a section by section assessment of fan ratio and roughly determined that out of the just under 36,000 fans about 12,000 were riders fans…not the majority but an impressive number all the same…Safeway Canada also reported that sales of vodka spiked watermelon hats were dramaitcally up in the Calgary area this past weekend…

…roughy, how was your trip here, golf well?..I didn’t get any calls for bail money so good for you!!!..

My GOLF trip went great, I didn't play great but I beat the other guys. Too bad we had to ruin it with that mess on Saturday night. Although the tailgate party was fun. It was awesome to see so much green in another team's stadium. I can't believe Calgary didn't even anounce their starting line-up.

I would feel weird if 33% of the crowd in Molson Percival was cheering for the opposing team.