Rider Fans hand book by Charlie Horse GSG too funny!

Well I was browsing at GSG and found this little tidbit I had to share with everyone. The content of this hand book is not intended to insult those it refers too. If you would like to add to it please do so.

The Rider Hand book according to Charlie!

The Rider Fans Insult Book

If a stamps fan ever says anything you don’t agree with, or you find just plain mean do one of the following:

  1. Bring up the 2006 WSF we did win that (yeah awesome we won one game)

  2. Call some of the stampeders players gay (they may all be married with kids of have girlfriends but they dance how gay is that)

  3. Say Hank throws a lot of INTs (KJ had one less and more fumbles but SHHH! on that)

  4. Call them a stumps fan (close to "stamps" but has that "U" in it that makes it so very funny)

All of these should help any rider fan in a situation when it comes down to a stamp fan.

The equivalent list for stamps fans when dealing with Eskimos fans. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  1. Bring up the one year in the last 35 that the Eskimos missed the playoffs. Do not research how many years the stamps missed the playoffs in that time period. It hurts too much.

  2. Never forget to sing the song "I'd rather be a ** than a ** Eskimo!!!". Yelling is prefered. Do not think through the fact that this means you'd rather sleep with other men, than be a professional football player. This song is best sung without thinking.

  3. If you forget the words to the song from #2, just start calling the Eskimos, the "Eskihomoes". You see, it rhymes with Eskimos, and further confirms your fascination with all things homosexual. This makes it funny.

  4. Dismiss the Eskimos 2005 Grey Cup as "cheating". When asked to explain what rule was broken, just start screaming the song from #2.

  5. Dismiss any of the other 12 Grey Cups that the Eskimos have won as "living in the past".

  6. Do not hesitate to relive any of the 5 Grey Cups that the stamps have won, even though the last one was in 2001. This is totally different than "living in the past". When asked to explain how it is different, just start screaming the song from #2.

  7. If the stamps lose the game, never forget to blame the "terrible" grass, if the game was in Edmonton, or the "terrible" refs, if the game was in Calgary.

This list should help you be on a level playing field with an Eskimo fan. :lol: :lol:

Very very good Larry I like this hand book! I really like #2 shall we sing it together!

Only in Calgary do you need a handbook on how to be a fan. Gotta be the most uptight city in Canada next to the Big Smoke. Why are they still using coal in Toronto btw, have they never heard of global warming or acid rain.

Watch it your pig pen is producing lots of brown house gases! Thats get a hand book out for the Bombers! That would be a good one! That see
1)I know our team is great Taman put it together he will have a team to lead us to the promised land.
2)Glenn is the best QB in the entire CFL well sort of he has as good a pass percentage as that say BC's 3rd stringer ya thats it.
3) Our Defense is the best in the land watch out riders will be playing our banjo's come labor day
4)Wow we just picked up another player from Hamilton that Taman is great. Where was the Tiger Cats in the standings last year?
5) Wow that guy that kicked for a million we should sign him now where are you Taman? Maybe Taman can hang around the girls soccer pitches to find a new kicker.
6)So we lost by three touchdowns its a minor glich. The coach knows what he doing he has a year under his belt.
7) Hey the best part of our season is blink beat out Reynolds for rushing wow it's like we won the Grey Cup! Go Blink!

Add on if you want!

Q: How do you find Calgary?
A: Walk south until you smell it and then west until you step in it.

Q: What do the Stamps and the Titanic have in common?
A: They both look terrific until they hit the ice.

Q: What do the Calgary Stampeders and the Calgary Flames have in common?
A: Neither team can play hockey . . . or football.

Wow very good Piggy! Now you are down insulting the City of Calgary that is good.

This one puzzles me though:
Q: What do the Stamps and the Titanic have in common?
A: They both look terrific until they hit the ice.

I did not know that the Stamps played on ice or hockey? Are you a bit confused this is football we are talking about. The whole thing of the hand book was to poke fun at each other and I can see you have a hard time with it. I would hope you could try much harder at a Bomber fan hand book but then again that might take some thought process which you seem again to have trouble with. Have fun my curltailed friend.

I knew you would have trouble with this one, since it actually requires some original thought and not the same old rhetoric you regurgitate here on a daily basis. Think playoffs, cold weather, temps sinking, stamps sinking, you guys are 2 for 2 now, could probably use you like an Almanac to forcast the weather.

And piggy, we could use the bummers to forecast global warming. 10 degree global temperature increases, and 10,000 square miles of Antarctica melted between winterpeg Grey Cup victories.

too funny larry, here is something for your brothers larry and darryl…


It is beyond sad and pathetic that a single regular season victory is the only comeback that winterpeg blue bummer fans have after all this time. You really need some new material. I mean, I understand that you're scrapping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to bragging rights. Your team hasn't won jack squat in 17 years. There's not alot you can boast about. You pretty much have to cling to every little victory you can. But, if that's all you got for a comeback, day after day, week after week, month after month? That's just weak.

Don't worry. One of these decades the bummers will get lucky, and fluke out a Grey Cup win. Not this decade, mind you, but eventually. Then, perhaps, your repetoire of wit and comebacks will be freshened up.

I still do not get the ice thing here! I think the real story is that you had a very hard time coming up with something and had to use an old hockey joke. Truly sad there piggy I actually thought you had it in you but no you showed failure much like your team.

I have to agree with you there Larry this is a weak attempt not to play this game fairly. After all you did follow the game by submitting your hand book on the Stamps vs the Eskies and found it to be funny and that was the point of the exercise here fun. Piggy just lowered the standard and really I have to post the bomber hand book for him because he could only come up with a hockey joke for a football subject. Truly sad. Thats try to keep on subject on this one who will give us an ALS, ARGOS etc handbook for their fans. Try to make it fun though do not lower yourself like piggy did.

Considering the Bombers were 3 - 1 against Alberta last year I guess I have to agree with you guys, rubbing salt in the wounds was not very nice. If you ever want to have a reasonable discussion on the state of your football teams, let me know, I would be more than happy to debate that.

The problem here piggy we are not debating that aspect are we. Read the title of this thread. I asked people to come up with a hand book for your team or another perosns team right now my bomber hand book looks like a keeper.

Once again, porky, I must ask you to take your regular season bragging rights to the children's table. Please feel free to come back and play with the adults, when you have one single thing to brag about in the real season, aka playoffs and Grey Cup. I know winterpeg hasn't seen it lately, so perhaps you've forgotten. There's this large, silver trophy that is handed out at the end of every year to the best team in the CFL. It's called the Grey Cup. And it is not awarded in August.

Okay 05, I felt sorry for you and only wanted to help you out by contributing to your little post. However, I can see by the way you responded to my slightly dated jokes, why nobody, except the Bomber and Rider fans you slag, ever take part in your discussions.

Have fun watching someone else compete for it again this year larry. Machoker and Hughies boy dont have a clue.

Now guys thats keep it nice and go back to topic leave the trench wars for another day. Larry your hand book was great and really it discribed us Stamp fans well. Again lets sing that song together I would rather be a STamp fan then an Eski Homo! Repeat ten times ha ha ha got to love that!

At least I've been able to watch my team win it 3 times in the last 17 years. How many times have the bummers hoisted the Grey Cup in that time period? I mean, in an 8 team league, I'm sure they've done it once or twice.

Kevin Glenn is a bum. The fact that he is the best QB that your management has been able to attract to winterpeg, speaks volumes. I'm sure you dream of the day that you can say "Kevin Glenn, Grey Cup Champion". Good luck with that.