Rider Fans get out the excuse book and give us some samples!

Well just thought we could get this out of the way before the game! What excuse will be used after the riders lose the game on Sunday? Thats see who is closest. Also What player will wear goat horns for the rider team?

interesting note :

average attendance so far:

Ottawa---------------18 437 ( 2 home games left )
Montreal-------------23 655 ( they drew 51 279 at teh BIG O )
Winnipeg------------24 425 ( 2 home game left )
Saskatchewan-----25 454 ( including thier sold-out game tomorrow)
Hamilton--------------28 113 ( 2 home game left )
Toronto---------------28 959 ( 2 home game left )
Calgary---------------31 301 ( 2 home game left )
BC---------------------32 128 ( 2 home games left )
Edmonton-------------42 481 ( 1 home game left )

so ottawa is ONLY 5 988 behind winnipeg....i'm sure they can make up the difference next year.

Not only do we move the Gades out of Ottawa to QC, strong consideration and an arguement could be made of moving the Riders from Regina to Saskatoon.

Maybe I am just taking some bate here,but I was wondering were you got your attendance figures from...If you go to the top of this page click onto "the game"scroll down to shedule,click that and on there they have all the attendances for every game...The lowest amount for a Rider home game is HIGHER than your"SEASON"average...This Sundays game is indeed a sellout 28800 so that makes there average 25456 that is not including the pre season which had over 25000...

yes...in fantasy land.

i think the renegades will average winnipegs '05 average of 24 425.

your are right, riderguy…i musta mistakenly added another teams attendance figure in with all the riders attendance…i’ll make the correction to my post.

Man, I just went back and checked, now I see that you're going back. I got an average of 25,035.......

Then again, I'm still asleep, so I could be off a bit.

redwhite, as for the excuse? I think that the riders just might win, so the excuse made will be that your guys couldn’t handle the wind… if it’s windy. :slight_smile:

Other than that, I honestly expect a close game, and if we win, I don’t see us evening the total points, so I think you’ll still have that tie-breaker.

DG good stats. What about overall per game average for the league. If I recall this number has been growing every year and I believe last year the number was around 27,000 average per game league wide. Can 30,000 be far ahead, only when Ottawa picks up.

last year was 27 397
i'm waiting for the end of the season to total this years average...i keep track week-by-week

thats why im always mad that it takes cfl.ca 2 weeks to update attendance stats....this is the OFFICIAL website, and its this crappy.

montreal ALWAYS lowers weekly averages ( not this week tho..haha )....same with ottawa....

Thanks, but do you have the running total?

running total?...u mean average as up to now?

thats 26 000/per game average after 17 weeks

this number will go up after this week, cuz taylor field is SOLD-OUT and montreals normally 20 202 will be 50 000 + AND BC averages more than 30 000 per game and hamilton had 27 000 last nite....so this week should help the stats. ( on pace to average 34 000/per game in week 18 )

but ottawa and montreal hurt the overall league attendance.

Thanks, but somehow I was of the impression the league average was either close or higher then last year. I am not sure with three weeks left if we can catch up.

u can blame that on ottawa.

cuz when doing weekly averages....when edmonton draws 40 000+, it is neutralized by ottawas 18 000 and montreals 20 202 and winnipegs 24 000

Last year and for the longest period, there was not one crowd under 20,000. Even with the Gades papering the house.

i cant wait til montreal expand percival molson to 25 000 +
and ottawa markets the team next year and draws 24 000+

that will help the weekly attendance averages.

The expansion to Molson will be complete in 2007. While the Gades this number is wishful thinking. They seriously need a new GM, Eric Tillman, new coach and active free agency signings. If all occur, then maybe the fickle fans of Ottawa will wake up and smell the coffee. If not, by giving them one last chance in 2006, like we have been saying all along a move to QC makes sense for 07.

i think ottawa will be fine.....unless the gliebs TOTALLY screw things up in the offseason.....they are only a few free-agents away from a home playoff game....and some off-season marketing away from 25 000 per game.....and once they start winning, then the attendance will increase year-after-year, till its full every game.

i think they should relieve joe paopao of his GM duties so he can concentrate on coaching....give him ONE LAST season as a coach....if they dont make the playoffs next year, then FIRE HIM.....

the ottawa senators had a slow start in the NHL too, remember...now they are sold-out and on top of the standings.

I guess with the Sens example, it proves how Ottawa like many cities only supports a winner.

not hamilton fans...hahahahhahaa

they support the 4-12 ti-cats game-in and game-out.