Rider Fans fairly positive

It looks like The Corkmaster is starting to get his act together, the swash-buckling has temporarily ceased and the team is playing decent ball. They actually played good ball vs. Winnipeg on Labour Day but got skrewed.

Even Rod Pederson has had a double application of duct tape applied, he's been very quiet, almost eery as he's the shrillest voice this side of Trash Madani.... :cowboy:

If Durant remains out for any extended period (ie. 2 or 3 games) the Riders will probably lose with Mitch Gale under centre.

Imagine this offense once Roosevelt returns (no point coming back now, risking injury) and if Willie Jefferson turns into a monster on their d-line?

Team is good. I may have read it too early by ranking them 4th overall (based on recent play NOT wins) but if they smother their opponent this week I'll maintain they deserve 4th overall.

Rider fans are disturbingly quiet. They know Corky came in too hot and burned whatever was left of the land. Now, its back to normal as Corky and Papa Murphy try hard to assemble a decent squad prior to moving to the new stadium.

One fetch I think they should do - trade Nicolai Demski to the bombers for Addison Richards. Walters might even spring for a 2nd or 3rd rd. pick to sweeten the pot. Bombers have no real Canadian threat at RB or WR or SLOT - other than the rapidly ageing and oft-nicked Andy Harris. Richards might be served better in the Sask'n system - likewise Demski would be an instant hit in Winnipeg.

I know the bomber braintrust took it hard when Regina drafted Demski 6th overall - and the Walters brigade just took Richards as a revenge pick - didn't know the guy was 2nd coming of Jade Etienne. Time to restore order. BRING NIC BACK! :cowboy:

Chris always had his act together
Saskatchewan with Gale under centre [what Lyle B.S states is nonsense]
Saskatchewan play next week, not this week
Fans in Saskatchewan are chill

some long time good posters have walked away from these forums over the last year and its not because the riders are playing poorly .... its the nonsense on the forums. I hope to see some return at some point.... win or lose the Rider GDT use to be the longest thread of the week around here.

Cox was definitely shafted on LD...but it is not like it is an exclusive thing to the Riders...thus why TV numbers are struggling...the game is broken. I am not on as much because I am now busy doing my thing state side

The team has been playing well for a while and better most weeks....they have been a different team since being pounded on by the Ticats...biggest thing now is Fulton being back and stabilizing the OL...Coleman has been much better on the right.

You look at this team and they blundered one in OT against the Esks...probably should have beaten the Stamps once...should have had 1 win against the Bombers...they would now be at 4 or 5 wins....which is about where I thought they would be right now.

They didn't play great against the Esks but won....teams winning ugly is a sign of improvement

They played a really banged up secondary in the Cats...so it is nothing to right home about....but a win is a win....still by no means something to hang one's hat on. Still...DD marched the ball at will and the game is likely not close if he stays in...still, Gale made a nice drive to get the the chance...winning when defeat is in your face...another sign of progressing

This team lost LaBatte, who has been a rock for them, out of the gates. Losing best is not stunning....but a major blow. That was topped off by losing 2 players brought in to be the backbone of the secondary....huge hole for any team....massive for a team clearly rebuilding. Then DD goes down for a couple weeks. When a team loses starters it always hurts...when it is rebuilding and lacks depth while learning a new system...well...good luck. Steele's blocking and the return of Fulton and King have been massive...as well as the change at Safety

Yeah....Jones and co have made some pretty big blunders....like practicing ONE player that was on the 6 because 2 players were hurt in a pretty critical position...the result was that they airlifted someone in because that time they assessed him they knew within 30 minutes he was not ready....even worse it was the ONE time that they practiced a contract player with the taxi squad and the only reason they could get nailed for anything. They made some iffy moves like Price (was never worth it)...new GMs are going to F up. Lemon...unfortunate...but they went after one of the premier FAs and got him...it didn't work out...that sucks but they moved on. People can knock the brass all they want....but when they were not happy they have continually tried to improve...they said straight up coming into the season that a big chunk of it would be a revolving door...and it has been just that....continual auditions at RB...continual auditions at QB....continual auditions on the DL.....continual auditions in the secondary...yup...it is taking time but they are not quitting and definitely heading in the right direction....end of the day a LOT of players WANT to play for Jones...Jefferson just turned down more money / playoffs with the Esks because, in his words, he wanted to play for Jones. They are building this team in the right direction. The secondary has went from a hot mess to a situation where Brooks might be relegated to a backup or moved out!

Rider fans may as well get used to the idea of Roosevelt playing elsewhere next season. IF DD is gone.....99.99% chance his is gone....right now it is a coin flip on him moving out east to be closer to home. Would suck losing him...but they do have some nice depth there

Nic is not going back there until at least 2018...if at all. I know he and his family are MASSIVE bomber supporters....but he is also pretty happy where he is...will be interesting. Only way that he is going back now is for Sholo....that ain't happening. Potential other option is the Toronto #1 pick...that ain't likely either. He was pretty bitter about not getting picked up by them....how do you feel he is going to look at not being brought home when they have 2 first round picks and could potentially bring him in?

PS...Flanders is the Bombers best RB

Also...I have heard there is a trade close between the 2 teams...but it is not for a QB and it is not for Demski...not a done deal but has been talked about...it will give you guys a solid player if it happens...it is something the Riders have been toying with for several weeks and there are multiple teams interested but not the right deal yet. I know the Argos have some interest as well but not much the Riders want in return

An excellent post de-pop - I agree with about 95% of it. Hope the player in question is actually Roosevelt - if he's healthy. Trading Roosevelt to the bombers makes sense if the guy is gonna be down south next season anyways. Riders are playoff toast - and bombers are 1st round toast unless they can re-assemble some big/fast/strong targets besides the Smurfettes and Clara Denmark. Roosevelt for a high draft pick is basically a rental for whoever gets Roosevelt. The bombers probably need him more than anyone contending - BC, Calgary & Edmonton all have a solid flock of WRs. Same with Ottawa, Montreal and Hamilton. Toronto could be the one team getting in the way of a Roosevelt to Winnipeg trade.

Also agree that Tim Flanders now the #1 RB in Wpg.

Harris is on rubber legs, bombers have to hope he can get back to 90-95% and grab a roster spot come playoff time.

Obviously, something chronically wrong with Harris’s leg - so even if the bombers make playoffs he’ll have limited reps before he has to be taken out again!

It is not Roosevelt...though it sounds like Lankord is gone...he is not a bad WR for depth...but there are simply too many ahead of him in Regina....not sure he is a long-term fix but he would provide some depth

I would presume Roosevelt is done for the season...he messed up his leg pretty good...nothing long term by the sounds of it though.

IMO the player in question for the trade would be worth a lot more for a playoff run than Roosevelt would be for the Bombers...though they could definitely use another big target. Said player won't come for free though. I know he has been getting shopped...but they have snubbed a few offers already

The only other guy that makes sense for Wpg. is Rob Bag - and that would virtually make us The Winnipeg Roughriders w/ Bag, Dressler & Smith catching balls.
Only trouble is Dressler & Smith take a hellacious beating every time they're out there - with those underneath passes that strive for yac yards but almost always see them getting viciously walloped in tight coverage. Bag seems to relish harsh contact so perhaps he'd be a better fit than I first thought.
And you're absolutely right - Bag would require some fine luggage shipped west. Obviously, Walters & Miller (and probably O'Shea if you inject him with truth serum) have thrown in the towel on Addison Richards but what else? A high round draft pick (bombers have extras) plus a roster player? I suspect Corky could use a leader type guy like Chris Randle or somesuch!

So Bag for Richards, one of the bombers 1st rd picks and perhaps Randle. Seems fair, although Walters might wanna horse-trade a 2nd or 3rd rounder back from riders to square the draft.

interesting guess and if it were me I would likely take it. Not saying that is what it is....but I spoke mildly about it on the cats thread