Rider Fans Embarass Toronto

The game was bad enough, but for Rider fans to humilate Toronto in their own stadium was an absolute embarassment for Argo football. It was as if the Riders were the home team with how loud their fans were. Then you had Rider players running up and down behind their bench encouraging the fans to be even louder.

This was all you needed to see to understand why Toronto football is so pathetic.

Fans just sit on their hands and keep their mouths shut. It's as if the two rules for being an Argo fan are don't make any noise and whatever you do, DO NOT ever criticize the on field product lest you be labled as "negative" or "criticzing". Just be happy with the 7-7 record, right? That's as good as it gets for Toronto football?

I was wondering the same thing: where were the Argo fans? Rider fans were louder when their team was on defense. Definitly sounded like a home game to me (except Mosaic is way louder than that).

Welcome to Toronto football - - that's how it is in Argoland.

Comparing Rider fans to Argo fans is no different than comparing the Rider message board to the Argo message board.

I hate to tell you this, but that's the Toronto way. Look at the Leafs, the stadium is filled with corporate seats that want you hushed for showing even the slightest bit of emotion because you are disrupting them from texting on their smart phones. Then the 2nd period hits and the front row seats sit empty because these types are at the bar. Even Jays and Raptors games are filled with this crap (although it's not as bad for the Jays) and I've even seen this behaviour during Marlies games. We had some Marlies fans from Toronto come to Copps and complain that some of us were too loud chanting at the Bulldogs game, and we told him "Oh sorry, we though people came to a hockey game to watch hockey." TFC only avoids it because there are enough supporter groups to chant through the entire game and it's outdoors, which is the only fix for the Argos. Getting out of the Rogers Centre, into an open field arena.

I applaud you and the die hard fans who make the trip down the QEW to watch games, but seriously Toronto is just an all around bad place for sports atmosphere (save TFC).

The only time Argo fans will make noise is if somebody is tossing mini nerf footballs or cheap t-shirts into the crowd.

If the scoreboard and the announcer have to tell fans when to cheer and when to be quiet at a football game, you have an absolutely clueless and disinterested fan base. And that's the reason Toronto gets away with putting out such pathetic teams.

The fans have no idea when to cheer - - how can they be expected to understand a terrible scheme from a good one or a lousy player from a good one?

What exactly were Argo fans supposed to be cheering? Other that some strong defensive plays in the first half (which gave way to fatigue from being on the field too long) they had squat to cheer about all night.

Let's see....

endless 2 and outs
holding calls on just about every punt return
a porous O-line
35 yard punts
and an opponent that kept its starting quarterback in and firing long passes until 'til the dying minutes

Gee, I wonder why Argo fans were quiet? :roll:

Well, Bitter Area 51, it seems to me that has nothing to do with the Argos' fan base. . . it seems to me that they do this in all cities, and I think it is rather overdone and patronizing.

I don't believe that the Argos' fan base, such as it is, is "clueless and disinterested." It's just a sadly small fanbase, particularly when compared with Saskatchewan's.

Oh the answer to that is simple. . . to understand both a terrible scheme from a good one, and a lousy player from a good one, all they have to do is read your posts ! :lol:

Gotta agree with that. It was embarrassing that there were more, and noisier, Rider fans in attendance, but certainly the Argos did not give their fans much of anything to cheer about. A pretty mediocre performance overall.

It was funny watching this game, it was like a Rider home game. :lol:

It seems to me that the best way to grow the Argo fanbase is to bash the fans that actually go to the games for being too quiet. :roll:

You enjoyed the game because you’re a Cats fan. Nothing wrong with that, I enjoy watching Hamilton lose and the way the Argos are playing that’s been my main source of entertainment this season. :wink:

They did get to watch their backup punter/LB boom the ball 12 times. I don't know about any else but I thought his kicking was pretty darn good. :wink:

I would have to disagree, you don't here that "123 Make some noise" BS @ Mosaic. The fans there just know when to cheer and when to shut up.

Toronto has always been the most corporate, sports town ever, leafs, raptors, Argos, blue jays, they all sit on there hands, i thought Vancouver was bad, until you go to a game in Toronto,any sport, I think the thing with The Argos is that they have not had a exciting constant winning team since when pinball was coach, it has been to up and down, it would be the same here in Vancouver, if the lions were up and down all the time. Argos need to get exciting , until that happens fans are going to stay away.

I was at the game and actually had argo season ticket holders getting mad at me for cheering and booing after plays.
One guy asked if it was my first football game.
I asked him if i mistakenly bought tickets to his living room and not a football stadium. Asked if im supposed to sit on my hands with my mouth taped shut like the rest of the people there?
After argos 2-and-outs, id Booooo loudly, and this annoyed people. WTF. No wonder why the games seem so dead on tv. The place is full of 50 year olds who think they are watching games from their couches, and that their season tickets give them the right to tell people to stop enjoying themselves.

It's almost as bad as Jays games and Leaf games, at least from what I can see on TV. :wink: For Raptors games they play the music loud during play I think so that helps a bit. :wink:

Soccer TFC games were one of the best things to happen to Toronto sports though, they do like they are enjoying themselves at BMO despite a team that I don't think has ever made the playoffs. :o

But if I'm an Argo fan, yesterday's performance might get me a bit sullied and peeved off at anything to be quite honest.

Sadly I have to agree with the majority here. It was quite obvious which team was cheered for and which wasn't. Fell sad for the players of TO.

Starbuck, a lot of people just feel sorry for Toronto, period, and those that live there. Toronto sports is just one aspect of this. :wink:

And that pretty much sums up the apathy for football in Toronto. Doesn't matter if it's at the SkyDome or on the Argo message board. I can't understand why such a large contingent of Argo "fans" feel it's unacceptable to be vocal and call out management for their stupid inept decisions.

Excuses are always the same - - everybody's doing their best...things are turning around...it could be worse...just sit quietly, be happy with mediocrity and maybe a chance at getting in the playoffs once every few years.

I personally wont cheer if they don't produce. They beat the crap out of Winnipeg last week then played like them this week...

Omg, one of the season ticket holders near me kept saying "it could be worse" everytime I'd booo a 2-and-out. Like, what does that even mean? Rather than ripping into a team that was playing piss-poor on offence and special teams, he'd just say, "it couldd be worse".