Rider fans circling the wagons ....

Now they're blaming the Lions players for starting this AND insinuating that Lions players were throwing beers back into the crowd.

Has anyone seen any REAL proof of this? In this media age, you'd think somebody caught it on tape.

All I saw on TV was a bunch of drunks tossing beers and acting like idiots while security was nowhere to be seen.

I know, what a joke.

But do we expect any different?

I thought they were freaking out because things weren't going their way and it may have appeared that a lion may have touched a face mask before the fumble and there was no call. That happens all the time in football, they need to understand that its only a game and let the players and officials do their jobs. No excuses for the goonish behavior. Rider pride ??? You lost..., get over it.

Just one more comment. We have idiots that come to the game and you see them getting the boot, but at least we have dozens of security watching the crowd and you never have to worry about anything like that. The CFL needs to look into the security at Taylor field.With 30,000 plus fans they need more than Gainer the Gopher watching them.

People on Riderfans even state that there is zero security and the place gets crazy. It's time to fix that.

BC Place has one of the best systems in place that I've seen....no disrespectful behavior is tolerated. Zero.

Yes one should expect different and most of the time is acceptable behaviour as you well know. Fans like to havefun and sometimes get carried away as happened last night. Don't go media type and blow out of proportion. The rider side has apologized now move on.

Blow it out of proportion?

It's the day after...don't expect that it's a quick "we're sorry" and it's done.

For an entire season, Lions' fans had to pay for one questionable tackle. All year long we heard it...our team was trash, our fans were trash. So please allow us to point it out when perfect fans display their true colors. We've eaten it long enough, maybe it's our turn to dish some out?

I was at the game and just saw trash coming down, nothing going back up. PATHETIC!!

Hypocracey is a live and well in Regina. At first we saw rider fans totally pissed at these fans and now they appear to be fabricating stories to shift the blame or cover up this bad behaviour. Truly sad because at first I thought ya it is a small group of boneheads. But now I am not sure. Is this what it is to be a rider fan. Not face the wrong doings and make excuses for probably the worst incident in CFL history. We all thought the manure episode was an anomoly but I am not so sure. The fact is we all know the rider fans threw beer that is a fact. But now one not one shred of evidence points to any players from BC doing anything other then running to centre field for protection. It is entirely up to Taylor field to provide protection not only for the fans but for the visiting team. this year we have slowly watched as rider fans have gotten to the point of this. Yes we can not point the finger at all rider fans but I do question the ones that fabricate stories to make this ugly incident okay or to shift blame. So people get your paint brush out there are some on here that acctually believe some of these fans were justified and that is just purely stupid. The fans role is not to hand out this type of bizzare attitude. We have seen it through out this season. First the siren while the opposing qb is calling signals and if you notice that was not there last night gee did something finally happen to that guy. I know something was done about it. But the rider management knowing the bad blood happening between these two teams you would have thought they would adhere to the standards of the league for security. They then use the excuse that they are volunteers. Ok now seriously why would you try to stop a drunken crazed crowd when your not paid to do it. Does anyone see anything wrong with this? The riders had a record profit yet they do not wish to have police on hand for games and with the warning signs of the bad blood. Sorry this is all excuses. I do feel for the good rider football fan but I have no respect for drunken bums.
My say on the matter.

Frankly your desire to paint all Rider fans with this giant brush is getting tiresome. I believe you have stated you did not even see the incident but that certainly hasn't prevented you from making the outlandish comments in the above post. I have not seen one post from a Rider fan defending the actions of any of these fans. It is not true that the security is volunteer. I do not know where that comes from. When the police were the security, 25 years ago and there was no beer sold, the problems in the stands were far worse than now. Selling beer and hiring private security has improved the security of all fans. And anyone who has ever been to more than one stadium knows for a fact that Rider fans are by and large the best fans in the league if you are an opposing fan. Certainly no worse than any other group. Are their bad apples? Of course there are. Just like there are idiot Stampeder fans and idiot Lion fans, etc. To try to tarnish the image of Rider fans in this non stop campaign of yours is beyond annoying at this point. The suggestion that suddenly for no reason whatsoever dozens of people decided to toss beer cans at the Lions is beyond credibility. Does that justify the actions of those fans? Of course not. That is also a ridiculous comment from you. Explanation of why something happens is far different from justifying it. But the fact that it was only a few dozen idiots out of 30000 fans also tells us that your giant brush is dripping more paint on your feet than anything else. Your opinion carries little weight with Rider fans who have watched you post your non stop attacks upon them over the thousands of posts you make. No doubt on the Lion forum you have a few who want to believe everything you say. So be it. But anyone with a lick of common sense realizes that this was an aberration and judge it as such.

LOL thats funny it did not show last night and by the way all the info I provided are from rider fans so Arius go discuss that with your fellow cough best fans. I do not believe for one minute when there was no booze and cops doing the security it was far worse another rider fan excuse. Go warm up your arm for the next game.

Hey, 05, were any Stamps hit by beer cans? You'd swear they were with the way you're going on. Wasn't it just a few months ago when you were referring to Wally as "Dirtbag Wally," and calling the B.C. players dirty?

As Arius has pointed out, you've said repeatedly that you haven't even seen the incident. Time to move on.

What info? Making up things and reporting them as fact isn't info. Nor is your opinion. I've been to every stadium in the league except Hamilton and the difference in security from stadium to stadium is very minor. And the fans in Calgary or BC are just as unruly as in any other stadium including Taylor Field, which is to say, by and large, they are not.
And no one said there was no booze, 05...pay attention. I said they didn't sell any at the stadium. Private security is used in most stadiums and large public events like football games and it has pretty much been proven to be far more effective than trying to use police officers, who frankly have better things to do with their time anyway.

I think Lions fans need all the facts before the pass judgement on every Rider fan in the stadium. Everyone seems to be ASSUMING this happened because of the missed facemask call? Well, I know that's not why it happened. Was it right for the .001% of people in the stadium to do that? Not at all, they definitely should have been kicked out.

But for Lions fans to seem to think this was coming from 30,000 people, not 20 or 30 is a joke. Yes, there was an incident between a Lion player and the fans RIGHT before the incident. A Lion's player threw the ball into the crowd, and that upset a few fans because of how he threw the ball.

Again, I do NOT agree with what these fans did. I am NOT making excuses for what took place, I'm simply TELLING you Lions fans what took place prior to the cans being thrown.

If you want to judge 30,000 people by the actions of 20 or 30, I guess it is fair to say we can judge your whole team by the actions of 1 player.

Most fans have been judging the Lions team and fans by the supposed 'actions' of one player. Time to suck it up and take the heat that the Rider fans deserve now. What happened last night was embarassing to the Riders, Regina, Saskatchewan and the CFL as a whole. The way that Cuthbert was describing the incident was nothing short of shocking. How Wally and the Lions kept their composure during this time is beyond me. League should have either penalized the Rider team or fine them. This is absolutely unacceptable.

Chief why I am into surprised by your appearance here? Funny how you are running around trying to be impartial and then come in this thread and not even be on subject totally off topic. May I remind you Arius has no business telling anyone to move along. I believe that is your statment right. By tomorrow some rider fans will totally deny that there was even an incident and it was the BC players who had a case a beer under there benches that were the only ones throwing beer. Yup they keep changing the story by tomorrow nothing happened. In fact I have seen a post by Tyril already saying he was at the game and it did not appear that many can were thrown? You see where this is going? some fans can not keep the story straight and want to totally change it to suit their needs. Now Tryril maybe correct from where he was sitting that just might be the case. But I can not see the BC Lions running out to centre field because of a couple of cans a beer came at them. The story starts out that they were ticked to be a rider fan, then the next step was that a BC player threw a football into the stands, then it was the football player threw water bottles, then it was the BC players were throwing the beer cans back. Funny but that is it in a nutshell on topic and pretty much what happened. And why are you here again chief?
I am sure whether my feelings for wally are not they will agree with what I have stated here. So your mission failed my friend. I will say one thing if one lion fan does not want me in here discussing this issue with them I wil then move along how is that.

Ok OK.... enough of blasting the Rider Nation. So a few stupid idiots got out of control. I really don't think this reflects the nature of the real Riders fans. I spend a lot of time in SASK. for work and yes they like to banter on about the teams, but it is all in good natured fun. So like any other stadium... you get a few people who jump on the bandwagon, get tickets to a game like this and act STUPID. The only thing we can blame the Rider organization for is if they don't have security screening at the entrance and security present in the stands. Maybe BC learned a thing or two from some of the idiots I have seen over the years who attend one or two games. It was getting pretty ugly under the dome until they decided to beef up security.. and started the "Be a fan not a fool" program.

So what we need to concentrate on is having the lions make it to the cup!!!

[quote="debralynn8197"]People on Riderfans even state that there is zero security and the place gets crazy. It's time to fix that.

I agree. I live in Sask and have been to some games. There is really no security other than a few police officers. They cant control 28000 fans. Yes the place does get crazy. I had a male Rider fan call on my wife because she and I were cheering for BC. He had no balls to say anything to me though.
I will not paint all Rider fans with the same brush. There are great devoted fans out there that just want to watch a great game.


Not to justify what happened but if the yahoo BC Lion player hadn't thrown the ball into the crowd - with I might add the intention of inciting response -
it is most likely that nothing would have transpired other than a well rounded chorus of BOOs. So get off your high horses and let it go .