Rider fans calling us QUIET and say BC Place is a Mausoleum

Rider fans are calling us QUIET and say BC Place is a Mausoleum where no one cheers unless they're drunk. Your comments please:


To each their own, I wouldn’t get worked up over what 1 person said on there.

I am just hoping for a great game next week, win or lose I hope it’s entertaining for the fans and I truly wish I could make the trip out.


I wouldn't take anything posted on riderfans seriously . They think last years WDF noise was all recorded noise too and that rider fans were going to account for at least half the crowd .

BC Place is/was louder than the Kingdome with the same amount of people and the Kingdome had a cement roof. Give me a break.

Like im posting over there, they would love me lol. Seriously, I try and stay out of fan sites unless its generic or Lions. Its a place for fans to be as delusional as they want, i dont really care :smiley:

Let them think what they want about noise, doesnt change the facts!

Of course the noise is pumped into the dome. The Lions fans are all too stoned to make noise.

thats BS were are going to LOUD!!!

hey we have a cheesy team song and we are still loud

hey we have a cheesy team song and we are still loud

Much respect, Dust.

Level-headed, intelligent and poignant, you are Green and White when so many others are just Mean and Spite. Fun-spirited and animated just like your sig. Each and every single one of your posts is worth reading.

Now stop trolling and get out. :twisted:

(kidding! Go on ya'!:thup: Should be a wicked good game)

Let's Go LIONS!!!

Guess why there is a Rider Nation? It is because we only have the RIDERS. BC, Edmonton, Calgary etc all have other teams to root for so if one of their teams is not doing so well, they have another team. We in sask only have the Riders so that is why we are so passionate about football. Most of us are pretty knowledgable about football, but there are some A******s here too.

BC has a great team and are still the champs until they lose. I think that the Riders can give them a good game. we were competitive this year, winning a pre-season and regular season game there and losing in the last few seconds here (sask). I think that it will be closer than everyone thinks. Good luck to BC, but my heart is with the GREEN

Riders 22
BC 19
Remember where you heard it first!!!

Sask. fans calling B.C.Place quiet?Not likely.Sask. QB Joseph will pray for quiet when he tries to call an audible at the line of scrimmage this sunday.Again,that's not going to happen.Lions will win going away this sunday.

Quiet? Nope.
Canned Noise? Don't think so.
Annoying announcer going buck wild? Yes.
Silly fans doing the wave during Lions drive? Yes

But the real reason BC Place goes nuts is when watching Crazy P bust some serious moves on the turf... puts the "ham" back in MC Hammer. U can't touch this!