Rider Fans- Best Fans in CFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. What a crowd. 13th man. Rider fans are the most electric and supportive in the CFL. Congrats to the people of Sask. - all Rider fans. Rider Pride Nation Wide!!

  2. Let’s see- Riders beat the best team in the CFL twice. Hum, does that not make them the best team in the CFL. The riders outplayed BC in all aspects of the game. Only turnovers kept the hapless Leos in the game. The riders are truly Grey Cup bound.
    Watch out Stamps. It will be sweet beating the Cowboys in the Western Final!!!

Actually you guys beat the Lions 3 times this year. I guess you really did fall off your Rider chair and hit your head after all!!! 8)

thanks bison- I guess I am just too excited about the dominating win that I lost my memory , senses, etc. What a game, what a team!!

Its points in the standings that make them the best team in the CFL!

If you were the best fans you would know that SSK beat BC 3 times.....not twice

Turkey nuts keep using it okay!


Dominating win??? You won by the skinny skinny skin of your teeth. Get your wits back quick Turkey. Deal??? If that's possible. :wink:

Riders might make it to the GC, but they will run into a team that's better than they are in the East, as they usually do, and lose. A team like, say, THE BOMBERS!!!! :twisted:

The Riders can try their best
but they can't contest
as the Bombers fly up!
to win the GREY CUP! :rockin:

and I was very mad at the Rider fans, and think the Club should have gotten a few 5 yard penalties.

Sounded like an NFL game on television today. Awesome job Rider fans....way to show Canada what the CFL is all about!

5 yard penalties for what???

Anyways I wish I could have been there (first Riders home game I've missed in a while), but it sounded wuite loud on TV and the fans definitely helped the Riders pull this one out.

cuz they were being so loud! geez, let the boys play the game!

They can't give a team a penalty because their fans are too loud. That's why the fans are considered the 13th man because they disrupt the other team's offence. This isn't golf.

The penalty is applied if artificial crowd noise is played through the loudspeakers, not if it comes from the fans.

I'm ordering a custom Riders jersey and I need a number that isn't being used right now. :slight_smile: I am gonna make my Brother so jealous.

yeh i gotta say i watched from tv and they looked pumped, way to go Sask! luvin it. puts the Lions down a bit in a mood for when we face them next week:) Good Job Green!

I was at the game on the north side 10 yard line 2 rows up from field level and yes it was quite loud in the fourth quarter and in OT whenever BC had the ball. It was really loud in the stadium when BC ran the 3rd and 1 play and turned it over. There was another play when Dickenson called a time out. on that play it was also very noisy which could possibly have been why Dickenson called the time out. Not too shabby for a stadium that only had 27500 people in it.

Opposing teams need to practice their quiet snap count when they come to Mosaic stadium and if opposing teams haven't figured this out yet they better get some game film with audio.

Hey Kanga. I know you wern't serious about this comment.

and I was very mad at the Rider fans, and think the Club should have gotten a few 5 yard penalties.
On another note I was sitting behind a guy who actually came to Regina from BC to find work (go figure) and was cheering for BC wearing his Dickenson Jersey. I asked him if this was his first visit to Mosaic Stadium for a game. He answered yes. I told him that he would have good time at Mosaic stadium watching the game. We had a little bit of fun making smart a** comments about each others teams. After the game I asked him if he had a good time he said that even though the Lions lost he had a really good time.

sorry guys, but I think at some point, the fans just need to shut up and let the boys play.


The fans are part of the game. Again this is not golf, the fans can be as loud as they want to try and disrupt the other team. That is football, something you'll have to get use to.

B.S., KK.

It was so loud in there in the fourth quarter and overtime that at times I couldn't hear Mr. jm02 talking to me, and he was right beside me!!

The louder the better!! That's how football should be. You want quiet, go watch a bridge tournament.

I don't mind it being lond, just as long as when the huddle breacks, people calm down, hold their beaths, and watch.

same thing happens in the NFL as well.