Rider fans' behaviour leaves Regina native feeling ashamed

This 'Rider's pride died

Regina fans' behaviour leaves Saskatchewan native feeling ashamed

Letter to the Editors of the Vancouver Sun

Published: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Paint me green, but also, paint me ashamed. The Roughriders-Lions game at Taylor Field Saturday left me euphoric over watching football the way it should be played, in an outdoor stadium at sunset, and the way it shouldn't, attended by a crowd of one-sided fans so fanatical they bordered on rabid.

When your main cheer is that the other team "sucks," and when you fail to clap for any injured player, from whichever side, who walks off after injury, and when you feel happy to yell, "Get him, kill him! Yeah, kill him!" out loud in a public place, something is wrong.

I attended both the Aug. 2 Roughriders-Lions game in Vancouver (which the Lions lost) and the Sept. 22 Roughriders-Lions game in Regina (which the Lions won). While no one could call me a dedicated fan for either team, as I grew up in Saskatchewan but now live in B.C., I attended both games in a 'Riders jersey. But frankly, I really don't care.

At the game in B.C., played in torpid heat the way the game shouldn't be played, under the dome, fans of the losing Lions had nothing but good-natured ribbing for me as my husband and I walked hand in hand out of the stadium, he in Lions gear, and me in a 'Riders shirt.

Contrast that with Saturday's game. Again, I'm in a 'Riders jersey, this time at [Mosaic Stadium at] Taylor Field, and I am sorry to say I wouldn't have had the courage to wear a Lions jersey in those stands even if I had one. The savage attitude was palpable, from the drunken ravings of the woman in front of me to the "kill him" chants that surrounded me whenever a Lions player got the ball.

Hey, guys, it's just a game. We should all be able to go out for a beer afterwards. Get a grip.


And you wrote this letter to the editor why, RLR?

The savage attitude was palpable, from the [b]drunken ravings of the woman in front of me[/b] to the "kill him" chants that surrounded me whenever a Lions player got the ball.
Hey Arius, you made it into the paper! Congrats!

I doubt this "fan" was actually at the game, but he does say he isn't really a fan.
Or it is one of the goofball Lion fans pretending to write a letter.
The only thing that prevents me from believing that possibility is that the letter is actually bordering on coherent...

Funny how they never provide a link to any of the stuff they post.

Funny how you never ask:

[url=http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/letters/story.html?id=33758bd2-30b2-4bca-af37-494e0968317d]http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news ... 4e0968317d[/url]

Must've been sitting on the east side. Based on what I've seen and heard at different stadiums I've attended, the writer's experience would be the same in any stadium depending on where he/she sits. If she had been sitting on the West side at Mosaic stadium she would have made the same comments she made about her BC experience.

Who Cares? It's too bad she took up two seats in a soldout stadium and should have saved them for someone who enjoys the excitement of being a fan at a football game.

That's it? Haven't been to many football games hey RLR? At least the fans are into the game in Regina. I went to a game in BC Place and could hear a pin drop until the last couple minutes of the game. It was actually quite boring being there, I'd rather watch it on TV.

RLR seriously. Have you never attended a Canucks game? We are just as bad as that. Maybe not the kill them part. But we love to get on the opposing team. I mean seriously the best chant ever was at the world juniors when we chanted "over-rated" to the American team. Its fun to be a bad guy in the stands. So long as you don't do anything to hurt anyone or at least keep it tasteful and don't fill it full of blue language.

Lots of angels out there I suppose.
I could muse about glass houses and people who live in them, but...

I should not have to ask.....

The atmosphere at a Riders game is unlike anything I have been to. So some Nancy did not enjoy herself? That makes the Newspaper?

And for the Record . . . The fans only began chanting BC S.U.C.K.S after a Lion Ripped off a Rider helmet, through it 10 yards then began punching him and choking him in centre field.

When people write with bias they forget to include the facts. It is a shame that RLR goes out of his way to find an inaccurate article like this. Just to post to try to make us Rider fans feel guilty about it.

Anybody know of any news in the league worth talking about?

I had 3 BC fans sitting just down the aisle from me, and I could guarantee you that they had no problems with fans, well at least not while in the stands I can't say anything for when they were walking out. I remember one specific time when the Lions did something right and they stood up to cheer, and another ladie in front stood up and gave them the crooked eye with a "hey" and a smile. Saying hey you got us that time.

I have been in a number of stadiums with my Rider jersey on and the experience has been different every time. I have met fans who are gracious winners and losers, and those that are horrible winners and losers. If you go into a stadium with another teams colours you should expect getting both sides of it.

And just for clarification I have found edmonton fans to be the least gracious fans, just from personal experience.

Just to state the obvious (at least for rational people), when someone yells "kill 'em" at a football game, they don't actually want to have the guy's life terminated. It may not be the nicest thing to say, but I thought I should clear that up for RLR. :smiley:

He needs clarification on things. He is not that intelligent.


Except if you were sitting beside RLR.
Given his stance on the Rasouli affair, I expect he really wants to see somebody dead out there...

And it is hard to imagine, given how obnoxious he is online, that RLR wouldn't be the first guy rubbing an opposing fans nose in it each and everytime the Leos make a play....
Of course being an online bully is a tad different when the person beside you can actually reach out and pop you in the nose.....

That would be a loooong 3 hours, wouldn't it.