Rider Fans been talkin smack 2 me

The few and far between rider fans have been getting in my face this weekend because of that awful game friday! I’ve had to get a lil nasty and not be nice to stick up for my Lions all of a sudden the Riders are the best team to come down the pike since the invention of the wheel! I know there livin in the here and now cause the past isn’t so impressive! 4 the but here’s sum history:

I’ve been watching/cheering for the Lions since I was 3 years old which would be 1980! since that time 1980-2007 the Lions have won 281 games sask 203. Points scored during that time for the Lions -13,627 riders 12,402. um that’s 78 more games won 1,225 more points scored! The Lions started in 1951 riders 1910! so in 97 years you have won the grey cup 3 times in 56 years the Lions have won 5 times! B.C and sask have both been to the grey cup 9 times B.C. won 5 lost 4 Cups sask won 3 cups lost 6! so until you’ve caught up with the Lions (edited for imature language) & get off your high horse!

that being said, the riders are a better team today, until the lions prove otherwise. History doesnt matter squat.

ya i knew someone would say that! teams ussually go in cycles they have good years and not so good years there will come a time when Sask is in last place again! as with b.C. or any other team! Just bring the best to the feild and let the game do the talking!

Hey try being a Lions fan in riderville!!

They are crazy. I'm all alone out here.

I say we finish in 3rd and come on strong in western final. Let them finish in first in the regular season...means jack in the end if they don't finish it off in playoffs like we did last year!

my friends had a bad experiance where they were verbally abused and had a drink thrown on there 6 and 10 year old for cheering for the lions! poor kids don't want to ever go to a game again! Thanks Riders! really classy!

it truly sucks that that kind of thing happens at every stadium, sigh

I go to Lions/Riders games every year in Regina and always have a good time. Fans are fun and respectful and there is alot of friendly banter. I've been to all the stadiums in the West (includes Winnipeg) and you will find the same obnoxious fans from every team, even Lions fans.

It's just a game, enjoy it. Lions had bragging rights last year and Riders have bragging rights this year. It's a good rivalry and don't get so worked up over comments on this board.

Hotlion77 Were in your face because you made insults not even related to football, not because we won a poorly played game by both teams yes there are some arshole rider fans but there are arsholes in every province I have seen you post some respectable comments stick to those it makes you a better character. And please dont think that every Rider fan would throw beer at opposing fans most of us have more respect for our beer J/K.

If drinks got tossed on kids it would have made the news. If it didn’t you need to contact the news media. If that act did occur the folks doing it have no place at a CFL game in any city. It is a serious allegation and I am sure that once proven any team would want to offer an apology. Fans no matter who the cheer for are welcome at any stadium

You think Rider fans are bad! Try living with Montreal Canadiens fans! :cry:

And then you have guys like me, a Rider fan and a Hab fan. I'm loco

LOL! Me too Billy. I ordered my new car in Habs Red and hung Green plates and Flags! Looks awesome!

Hmmm, I guess that pales in comparion when my wife and I went to the West Final in B.C. (sitting in section 45L2, Row E) and some guy in orange coveralls and orange hardhat wearing a stick-on moustahce stuck his middle finger up in my wife's face and grabbed my Rider hat and ran off, before security grabbed him at the top of the stairs. The only thing that saved this idiot from a very bad beating was security grabbing him first and tossing him straight out of the stadium. The true Lion fans around him were all apologizing to us and we wound up having a great time in the end. And I expected that anyways, wearing Rider Green in the Lion's Den during a crucial game. Bring it baby!!!!

So you see, put booze and team pride together, and you're bound to find an idiot or two in any venue. BUT, by and large, I loved being in BC Place and I'm going again this Sept 13. AND I was there for the 05 Grey Cup. And have had a riot every time. Fun place to be. I would go a hundred times more.

If I had my 10 and 6 year old girls with me, I'd probably tone the greens down a bit, maybe just a hat or something, because booze and idiots don't mix.

Actually, now that you mention this, I doubt it happened. You see, at every Rider game, they advertise a confiedntial text number to security to have them eject idiots like this. It's advertised everywhere, and on the jumbotron before the game and during halftime (actually a really funny commercial where the ref flags a fan for drunken shenanigens).

IF that happened, a hundered texts would have went and this guy would have been tossed, or a Dad like me would have persoanlly laid down a hammering, and when security comes my side of the story would have been verified by the 1000 eye witnesses.

I think somthing along those lines happen everytime the cat's play argo's at home, And leabourday Is insane! Seeing as toronto is just a 45minut drive away!...as for having a good history, If thats the case, I think Hamilton and Toronto would take the cake! Its SAd to say, but if hamilton dosnt win a greycup this year or next, it wil be the first time they have NOT won a greycup within 10 years....BRUDAL! Overall, I wish the Lion's the best of luck this season! Things WILL turn around for youguys.

This happened like 5 or 6 years ago just because you doubt it happened does not mean it did not! IT DID! my friends have no reason to make this up nor do I telling this! I did not turn it into a Sask bashing session and even used a bad example of a lions spectator being stupid! I really don't want these people to have to re-live this again or I'd give you there phone # and say call! but that would be as stupid as somone who doesn't believe this kind of thing happens from time to time! Thanks Cats n Pac very classy of you to say that!I swear some of these Rider fans think Christ was nailed to the cross wearing a Riders jersey! Give your head a shake! there is a higher power and it isn't a green and white CFL team!

hahahahaha.....HL, I swear to God you are an escaped mental patient or something. The crap you come up and spew is rather entertaining, and surprisingly everywhere. Tell you what, leave me your address so I can send you some money, cause entertainment like this cannnot be free.

Do yourself a favor and stop embarrasing yourself. Stick to topics that actually exist, not made up ones. You would think during a time when the Lions have a lot to be proud of and are remembering a legend like Bob Ackles, you would stick to those current events.

hahahahaha.....HL, I swear to God you are an escaped mental patient or something. The crap you come up and spew is rather entertaining, and surprisingly everywhere. Tell you what, leave me your address so I can send you some money, cause entertainment like this cannnot be free.
neilca you just sound confused and ready to attack someone for not liking the Riders Grow up your embarrasing to this website!
speaking of mental patients that laff of your is a little scary! save your money and use it on a good therapist.you need one! your in denial this topic does exist or you would not have replied to it! wow talk about a wingnut! you are that neilca!

do you know how to quote? rather than copy and paste

nope just copy and paste quote wasn't working ! are you stalking me?