Rider Fan's Are The Best In The World.

My family travelled from Ontario in early July for a family wedding in Regina and was able to use my Uncle's season tickets as he had to miss the homeopener because of Friday night's rehearsal party. We sat three row's up behind the Rider bench at the 50 yd line and watched the Riders play a very exciting game against B.C. We are no strangers to the CFL. My great uncle was Paul Dojack and our family has had season tickets for over 40 years in Regina. We have also been to many games in Winnipeg, Hamilton and Toronto because Mike O'Shea is a buddy of ours. (sorry) This game easily topped them all. It was an amazing experience for my eight year old son who was thrilled to see the game from this perspective. The fan's were fantastic and the defence stole the show. Now my son wants to grow his hair long so he can look like Stevie Baggs!!!! I just wanted to share my experience from a fan who has seen a lot of games around the league. You guys are the best!!!!!!

The diversity seen inside Taylor field is really quite something.

The section you mention -- the premium seats on the home side -- are held by old-school season ticket holders. Very knowledgeable in the CFL game and it's nuances. Not overly active, but will join in the spirit of a good game.
The east-side premium seats are a little different. There's some guys on that side that know how to taunt the opposing bench. They're a little more active, but you see that they're very knowledgeable as well. They're fairly talented at knowing the dirt on the opposing team, and what they can do to take their head out of the game.
The University section is one big, non-stop party atmosphere. It's all about the experience of being there live and cheering on the greatest football team in the world.
In recent years, the University section mentality has basically taken over the cheap seats as well. Drawing more fans in for the "experience" of the game.

Then, there's the rider fans you meet when you don your Rider gear and head out to take on the experience of a road game. Rider fans are their own community. You can go to any Rider away game, and find other Rider supporters. They all have stories about their favorite Rider moments, and you can go up and talk to complete strangers like you've known them your whole life.

Rider fans are a unique bunch. I'm glad to be a part of it.

I like rider fans, they are great for the league. I've baked some muffins, would anyone like one?

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