Rider fans are great party animals......

....there is perhaps no better party participant than the Saskatchewan resident, be they transplanted or still with roots in Saskatchewan soil.......

.....the fans of the Green and White at last night's game were hilarious, the costumes and cammeraderie are unrivalled.......mellonheads, capes, body paint and flags.....the atmosphere was very entertaining.......

....I'd say about a third of the stadium was decked in green, a third in red and the last third in neutral colours, be it white or black....

.....I didn't see any animosity between fans, in fact there were many many tailgate parties where christmas colours intermixed....many seating arrangements were red green red red green red green green etc.....

....my sixteen year old son would also like to thank Saskatchewan parents for allowing multitudes of your pretty girls to move to Calgary......

.......so Thank You Rider fans for making the evening super fun, regardless of the score, you folks are awesome........

You should see a Labour Day game at Taylor Field(Mosaic Stadium for you Politically correct), its a zoo there. I dont get out to many games, but that is one I try not to miss each year.

im bringing my buddy from sask out to the next game against sask, he always comes out with me to the sask games, he always get liqoured and i have to drive him home but hey, his wife is hot so ill see her again lol.

oh and yah hes a rider fan

get your own wife and leave your buddy's alone..haha

.......I bet she is from Saskatchewan.....

R&W you are right! They were out to have fun right away even that big billboard out side McMahon stadium. They bring atmosphere to the stadium. And it is all in good fun! Great fans! Very few problems at the game last night other then the sleeping streaker!
This guy slept from half time right up until he was removed and then boom he is running down the field! I would what happened to his rider under wear yikes! By the way he was removed prior to this incident because fans while he was passed out were doing things that could have ended up hurting him so it was decided that he was to be removed.

You don't need political correctness since from what I have been told is that Mosaic Stadium is on Taylor Field so either term is correct. I am just wondering how it will be when Hamilton arrives and sees the rather large picture of Ron Lancaster on the side of the stadium

NO other fans in the CFL would rent a billboard out in front of the enemys stadium for everyone to see! Only rider fans congradulations to all of you even though your team stunk thats okay you had fun and made it fun for Calgary fans as well! Can we rent you for labor day! :lol:

couldn't agree more. back in the day i was in a bar band and we would cheer every time our stinking agent booked us thru sask, cause we knew we never had to pay for a drink those stops. Great people in Sask, and very pretty girls as well.

Hey Red you should tell your son that he is getting all the rejects that we send away for not passing our high quality standard. Why do you think saskargo was so bitter against us. :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha.. I don't believe that for a second. Pretty girls are Saskatchewan's #1 export. (#2 is Pilsner)
They were great this time around, I'll admit. Last year I was witness to a giant brawl that started with a Roughie throwing a full beer can into the face of a woman a few rows down, and her husband (also a Rider fan.. and a giant one to boot) decided to rip this guy's head off, but the guy had about 12 friends with him, which lead to a bunch of Stamps fans they'd been feuding with to backup the big fella.. resulted in about 25 ejections. Didn't see one fight this time, and the only ejection I saw was the streaker. Of course I was in the red zone seating, so there were only about 3 green shirts within shouting distance.. last year I was in the cheap seats, and felt like the center of an olive.. a lonely red dot in a sea of green.

Oh props to the streaker too, for making the whole field, and for going peacefully, AND for waving to the crowd on the way out.. with the hat that was supposed to be covering.. you know.

Never said they weren't prettt still, just not as pretty. hehe

Good thing she "retired" from the forum.... She would have taken you to task on that one.

Welcome back from your European vacation Billy!

Here in staid southern Ontario, such “rowdy” fans would be told to sit down and be quiet.


Duh... its obvious that there would be a lot of Riders fans in Calgary.
Calgary is Saskatchewans biggest city

I wish I coulda been there, sounds like a great party. On the other hand it was a depressing display of incompetence by the Riders. Not taking away anything from the Stamps - they played terrific and clearly deserved the win. But I can still hope for at least a competitive effort, can't I?

I wish I could have went this year, last year was a blast. What I would like to know is how many Rider fans make the trip up and how many are actually from Alberta (Calgary).

I will be going to the Edmonton game on October 3rd since I will be officially an Edmontonian (is that right?) by then. Hopefully there'll be a few Rider fans in the stands at that game too.

Actually the streaker was ejected twice! His friend was suppose to drive him home!

Yes you can! I think the Stamp defense setup the tone of this game! I can not believe how tough Joesph is to take that kind of beating!