Rider fans are a bit insecure about their team.


How is that insecure? The Riders have a weak secondary - they have all year. It's not so much insecure as it is fact...

More pointless crap from 05? I'm shocked! :o

Naturally, every team has fans feeling insecure. There is no such thing as a perfect team winning all games.

Lions fans don't feel insecure. When you have the best players and coaches in the league, insecure doesn't come into play.

Do I think the Lions are invincible? Absolutely not, but as a fan you play the odds. When the odds, and not just this years punters, we are talking a pretty consistent winning record for 25 years, insecure just isn't a word you use to describe how you feel.

They should feel insecure after those four huge victories against not only a Burrisless Calgary but an Akili Smith led Calgary, Hamilton, Hamilton and a dejected Edomonton and then getting smoked, I mean lit up by Toronto. They know if smiling Hank is on his game he will light up that porous secondary like Geroy did on the final play when the Leos burnt the Riders.

I can't wait until the Riders lose. It will be like an early Christmas on this board with all the Riders moral authority like Dust for brains and the Big Uterus crying the blues.

Wow, both of you showed us.

What is the point of this thread?

Trolling. That is it.

...something tells me they're not the type to cry the blues...just a hunch...

I love the blues. Some of the best music out there. Don't know how to cry 'em though. Doubt anyone can even find any evidence of me whining on these boards at all.

Although, I can already hear the injury excuse engine being revved up if the Lions lose to anyone. And if Jimenez is suspended and they lose the western final to Calgary or SK, you just KNOW what the comments will be. :slight_smile:

There are trolls and then there are the fools who get so morally outraged at their comments they have to repsond.

Lighten up. I’ve said it before this board is for poop and giggles and if you can’t throw a little trash and smack back and forth what’s it all for?

“Hi there, I would just like to say that was a great game by the Riders. I was very happy with the final outcome.”

“Me too. They played exceptionally well.”

“Me three. The reffing was outstanding.”

“Great we all agree. The Riders are the best. Goodnight then”

How fun would that be? If you call my willingness to engage in trash talk trolling then yes, I am a troll and proud of it. Because its fun.

Here is something pointless Chief who is the worse team in the league. HMMM I will help you they have green and gold for colors. enough for you. I would say your pointless at this time. Thanks keep up the good work I love the fact you have a fixation on me.

actually, that's not true, so don't speculate or accuse us of something we haven't done.

If we are to lose, we'll do it graciously, no excuses.

And we'd still be proud of our team, for a great season.

But I have a feeling we won't have to worry about that.


that was for Big U, who thinks he knows how to predict the future.

Why is it you rider fans (some) have to use trolling when you are losing an arguement. Sad.

lmao! How could he possibly be losing an argument when that was his first post in the thread?

You see, Big Uterus knows how to play along...

By the way, there won't be any comments because we won't lose. We're too good.

Murphy + Wake + Phillips + Smith + Geroy + Miles + whoever we feel like starting at QB = Grey Cup

Really! Then thats the only word he knows sad!

Just by posting he has lost, much like just by showing up the Lions win.

ba dum da!

debralynn8197> all season long there have been a ton of BC fans on here talking about how the only reason their team has ever lost has been because of their injuries. Don't ever recall any of them actually giving credit to the opposition (though maybe it is only the obnoxious ones who stood out). I will be truly shocked if Swervin or some of his cohorts would ever be gracious.
You have said you will and I will take your word on it. As I have done before, I will give full marks to the winners of the games regardless of who they are.

pretty sure we could throw a felion in at qb and still win.