rider fan just gotta ruin polls

enjoy your little petty accomplishments rider fans.

everyone knows that luke tasker had the play of the year, but you morons just have to ruin the poll because there is nothing else to do in sask, specially during the winter.

not saying this to every sask fan that posts here, just to sask fans collectively.

Yeah, well screw you "moron".

Hope - your pension plan works for you bud - Saskatchewans economic growth in the last 12years has contributed greatly to Canadian Private pensions and Canada with other worldwide economic food based industries - natural resource based industries - I could go on and on - Believe me Ontario is quite happy to have Saskatchewans economic growth .
Your comment on the nothing to do in winter if you live in Sask. - Gee everytime I fly into Regina or Saskatoon through the winter - I find very active communities.

Are you David Suzuki ?

I would argue that it was Chad Owens with the play of the year, and considering how the other side of the bracket plays out, and it pains me to say this, Hamilton fans are getting just as bad.

Hopefully TSN just stops this nonsense...

I see it as a challenge to other teams fan to step up and be better fans

It's called democracy people, get over it.

Whoa there FYB. Easy now. Deep breath. Relax. :smiley:

Uncontrolled democracy has the potential of making very bad decisions. Perhaps the online polls need a panel to provide "second sober thought", protecting the masses from themselves.

file this topic in with the "bush league referees" threads and the seasons of the year. It's appearance is a given law of nature.

every year we get this "rider fans wreck play of the year poll"

I am pretty sure if your team won it year after year we would hear nothing from you.

Bottom line is Sask fans are THE most passionate. They vote countless times and, yes, they vote looking through their green shaded glasses. That is, generally speaking, what fans of a specific team do.

Get over your bitterness and accept the poll for what it is......a "fan" voted polled !

Just for the record, I am a Riders fan and I thought Owens one hander was play of the year.

Well put PIGSEYE. :thup:

Perhaps the online poll thread responses need a panel to provide "second sober thought", protecting the masses from themselves. :roll:

It's an internet poll. Nonbody is going to die, be imprisoned, lose thier job or any other catastrophe because of the results. Take a deep breathe and................................
Get A Life!

"The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter." - Winston Churchhill

If your idea of "better fans" is "blindly vote for your team at every opportunty in total opposition to reality or common sense", then yes.

I don't know why TSN still does this. Nobody outside of Saskatchewan takes it seriously anymore. It's been a joke for years.

crap I forgot to vote for Tasker. how much did he lose by?

:thup: :lol:

Funny how all of the years I've been posting on here I see this same thread pop up under a different name. Same discussion points. I suspect the same thread will come up next year as well.

NOTE: I have no idea what 'bashful essential' means :lol:

Put me in the minority (or majority if you go with the poll :lol: ) but I think the Smith catch is better than the Tasker catch.

Really? You actually think I was serious?

Actually, I do support the need for the Senate in Canada (with a few minor reforms) for essentially this reason. Because the important questions in life cannot be left to the whims of the masses, who have been continually shown to not always be the wisest. But of course you're correct, this poll and those like it have no real impact, and therefore need no sober second thought. In fact, the more outrageous the result, the higher the entertainment value.

Now you got the idea. It's all just entertainment.