Rider Cuts

Rider Cuts: 24 in total ....

Notables ... but PR/DR yet to be announced


Kareem Kelly
Rob Pikula ..... LUUUUUUUCA!
Rotarious Robinson
Sam Breeden
Darian Durant
Sean Lucas
Keegan Coleman

I think they would keep Pikula on the PR, as well as Breeden and Durant. T

Probably Bracey aswell, because if KK ever gets injured (fairly good chance he may)we will need a backup RB.

Rotarius Robinson.....I get dizzy just saying that name.......

I posted this in the Rider section but i figure I might as well add it here too

cjme reported the practice squad as:

Darian Durant
Shermar Bracey
Chris Cowan
Maurice Lloyd
Anton McKenzie
Kareem Kelly
Rontarius Robinson

I'm a little disappointed - from all I had heard about Breeden, I figured he'd make PR for sure.