Rider Cuts

Has anyone heard who the Riders cut this weekend? Wonder which of the receivers was sent packing (Murphy, or Thyron)? Which DB's made the cut? Who is replacing Nate? How many imports on O line?
what pickups will be made from other team's cuts?

Shall be interesting once the list is made public!

Answer #1...French and Thyron sent to hamilton for Kournogay (see www.ckom.com). Knew French was not going to make it! Where are the Riders going to send Corey Grant?


The Saskatchewan Roughriders have announced the following player transactions.

The following players have been released:

Ryan Ackerman Chris Hawkins

Jesse Alexander Glen Larocque

Andrew Browning Damien Lavergne

Josh Buhl Mike Mahoney

John Feugill RJ Oliver

Michael Gholar Donnie Ruiz

Antonio Hall

The following players have been added to the practice roster:

Dre Dokes Eddie Freeman

David Heard Imokhai Atogwe

Jason Mitchell Brandon Lynch

The following players have been added to the waived/injured list:

Corey Grant Belton Johnson

Chris Best Kyle Mitchell

John Chick Drew Tate

Kahlil Hill

The following players have been added to the nine game injured list:

Kennedy Nkeyasen

T.J. Stancil

Brian Jones

The following player has been added to the disabled list:

Henri Childs

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Maybe home! There is not to many teams looking for receivers. Hamilton but they made their move. Anderson may be a mistake for the Tiger Cats because iMO he is an underachiever.

yay! they kept Yooooooooooooooooo!