Rider cuts announced

Oh I know we weren't playing him with the intent of making him the starter this week (or anytime... soon for that matter). But that's just my point. We have a number of other RBs who have proven more effective and given that, even as a rookie playing other rookies, he couldn't move the ball on any play why keep him at all? Not that I expect they're paying him by the truckload but I'm not sure even his pittance salary is best invested where it is. Although as zbest pointed out he's likely just cheap insurance in case we have a sudden onset of broken-leg-RB-syndrome. I'd just prefer we have good insurance not cheap.

Not surprising. Show me how Carter brought value to the Riders and I'll change my tune.

Too easy.
Carter had 16 Special Teams Tackles last year. Placing him second on the team. He had 22 the year before placing him first on the team and 3rd in the league.