Rider cuts announced


can't say I'm too surprized by the decisions. With Joseph cut, does that mean Dinwiddie comes to town?

Not a chance.

You've got 3 QBs, Duran, Jyles, and Bell.

What would you want with Dinwiddie anyway??

And that leaves us to who's left:

*12 Bell, Dalton
*4 Durant, Darian
*9 Jyles, Steven

*2 Beaver, Justin ( Practice Roster )
*20 Cates, Wes ( Injured )
*28 Charles, Hugh
22 Foord, Stu
32 Hughes, Neal ( 9-Game )
33 Szarka, Chris

66 Best, Chris
67 Clark, Dan (j) ( Practice Roster )
*53 Harris, Bobby
69 Hutchins, Nick (d)
*58 Johnson, Belton
60 Makowsky, Gene ( Injured )
54 O?Day, Jeremy
57 Paretneau, Marc
64 Rempel, Jordan ( Injured )
61 St-Pierre, Jonathan (d8)
Smith, Wayne ( 9-Game )

6 Bagg, Rob
82 Clermont, Jason
*7 Dressler, Weston
83 Fantuz, Andy
89 Getzlaf, Chris
*3 Jones, Chris
*19 Morris, Eric
16 Nicolson, Adam ( Injured )
*86 Quinn, Johnny
*80 Walker, Gerran ( Injured )
McKoy, David ( 9-Game )

*51 Adams, Marcus
*90 Baggs, Stevie
*97 Chick, John
95 Mullinder, Luc
*77 Nyenhuis, Gabe
96 Schultz, Scott
74 Shologan, Keith
92 Stadnyk, Michael (d8)
*98 Sykes, Trumaine ( Practice Roster )

*50 Freeman, Jerrell
*31 Lucas, Sean
45 McCullough, Mike
*46 Stewart, Kye
71 Wagner, Aaron
*48 Williams, Renauld

5 Alexander, Donovan
*29 Davis, Eddie
*35 Francis, Daniel ( Practice Roster )
*15 Frazier, Lance
37 George, Tamon (d) ( Injured )
*21 Heard, Denetay ( Injured )
*24 Kornegay, Tad
49 Lipinski, Joel (Can) ( Practice Roster )
*39 McKenzie, Chris
*1 Morgan, Omarr
*14 Patrick, James
28 Wasiela, Konrad ( Practice Roster )
42 Zelinski, Jeff (Can)
Mitchell, Leron ( 9-Game )
Armour, Carlos ( Practice Roster )

30 Boreham, Jamie
10 Congi, Luca
72 Scott, Kevin
Scarcelli, Perri ( Practice Roster )

What it does mean, however, is that effectively you gave Edmonton Kitwana Jones for free.

I'm sure Richie Hall is saying thank you.

You mean the guy who gave way so we could put Stevie Baggs ( AKA "Mr. forced fumble" ) at his spot?

Well zbest I am not saying that Kitwana Jones is/was a better DE than Baggs............personally I always preferred Jones as the wild card......not starting, but getting spotted in here and there during a game......made it tough for the other team, because they never knew where he'd be coming from......I think he was most effective in that role. I was never sold on the idea of trying to make him a full time DE. Reduced his effectiveness, in my opinion.

But still, as good as Baggs may be as a DE, trading a talent like Kitwana Jones for basically nothing other than training camp fodder is not good football business.

.....Baggs played for the Bombers ....also went to Edm. and was released.....he's decent...but not a Kitwana Jones...c'mon..You're right MadJack,,,,Jones was a gift to the schmoes.... :roll:

Well papa regardless of the relative merits of Baggs and Jones..........to trade a guy like Kitwana Jones for a QB who you then cut after training camp equals one bad deal.

Mind you, many teams have made such deals in the past, and likely will in the future too.

Worst example........a couple of seasons ago, Toronto traded Keith Stokes to Montreal for Richard Karikari.

After training camp, Montreal cut Stokes; Toronto released Karikari before training camp even opened.

So what was the point of the trade? Who knows.

"They say that nobody's perfect. Well, I'm a nobody."

We also traded Yanick Carter for Sasha Glavic and then cut Glavic. Go figure!

With our history of "injuries" we're going to need at least ONE QB (not necessarily Dinwiddie) on the Practise Roster to be ready for the "eventual" QB injury. Not saying I want injuries, I'm saying injuries are inevitable.

Okay I hear you............but maybe that's where Juan Joseph is going to end up.

Can't see the Riders having any interest in Dinwiddie.........I know I wouldn't.

Too bad the Riders didn't ask for Dylan Barker instead!! Dreaming on....

Damn. I wanted them to keep Brandon Childress just because everywhere he has been, he has won lol

Baggs is too small to be a DE... no way he makes the team in an "Etch D"..... oops.....

No real surprises. The most hyped TC players have all been released or sent to the PR-- Sykes, Blythe and Sam O to name a few.
And now we'll wait and see if any of the guys who made the team can play. I think DD looked pretty good last game so hopefully we are okay there. The DBs look pretty strong. Baggs looks like a stud--a Kit clone, I might add. But two of the biggest questions--OLB and WR are still largely unknown. How do receivers who never caught a pass in exhibition season make the team anyway? yikes!!

I’m surprised we’re keeping Justin Beaver, even on the practice roster. During the preseason against Calgary I saw him get plenty of shots with the pigskin and he never made it more then 1-2 yards forward. Granted I didn’t pay attention to who was defending for Calgary but that was also entirely during the 3rd and 4th quarters when you expect defence to be that much more lax.

He'll be gone once Hughes and Cates get back on the roster. Our other insurance option was Geathers, who didn't play at all. We might pick up a Tyler Ebell or something for insurance instead. Derek Watson, who ran all over us on Tues, is sitting on the Stamps practice roster and could be claimed.

Hell, we can even pick up a Joe Smith, recently cut from Winnipeg.

Hughes played behind the veterans. Beaver was thrown in for the most part with the rest of the rookies!

yeah that was really stupid. trading Jones to Edmonton for a guy you cut! why not trade for someone that would actually HELP your team!

where is your brain Miller?