Rider Coaching Staff..This is what you should do...

Try trading Durant, Jyles or Bell to another team for a defensive or offensive lineman (if anyone wants them which is a big "if")
Activate Harrell as backup QB
Start using Harrell now (as a starter or an active back up) so that he can get experience before post season. In this league, if the Riders can somehow get to even 6-12, they might have a shot at the post season as a crossover.
Try platooning Cates and Charles, Charles seems to be quicker through the holes

okay i agree with trading bell or jyles for an O-lineman or D-lineman maybe put harrell in as a back up and give him a few reps but no way trade durant also cates and hughs is a good combo

I somewhat agree. Durant, sorry I don't and I'm no Durant fan. Having said that, he is definately the best we have, and it's too late to be muddling up the QB situation. Harrell will be our next great QB, but he needs time. He can't be activated anyway, Riders put him on the 9-game list to get him buried on the roster, but going in too early could seriously damage his confidence anyway, not too mention we fans tend to blame everything on the QB in these parts when things don't go well. But you're right, dump Bell, and bring in someone (not sure who's out there), or (please forgive me football gods) bring in Printers. Even for the remainder of the season. He'll come cheap now, and he'll keep his big yap shut as the message is clear, no one wants him (i.e. Bishop being brought in by WPG. I believe clearly Printers is the better QB between the two).

If you caught the TSN Panel this week you heard Dunican talking about the process of developing a rookie QB. The first thing that has to happen is the rokkie has to study the rules of the game and he has to watch hundreds or thousands of hours of game video. The rookie then has to be able to stand up in front of the team and draw out every play in the playbokk on the blackboard. He also has to be able to describe all the CFL rules. It takes months and months for a rookie from the NCAA college system to be able to accomplish this. Once the rookie has mastered this part of his devlopement he then has to take hundreds and hundreds of reps in order to develope timming, ect;. It is really difficult for a rookie to get this many reps during the regular season. He really needs to go through a rookie camp and then a regular training camp before he is even close to being ready to start a game! It would be foolishness to throw Harrell into a real game situation at this time! I agree that the Riders desperately need a quality o-lineman. Too bad we didn't keep Dan Goodspeed or make Joe McGrath honour his commitment to us. Before we are going to be successful the Rider coaching staff needs to get it's own house in order. We need a Special Teams coach as badly as we need an o-lineman. I have very real doubts about our d-line coaching as well. The Riders really need to reinstate Tillman so he can return to work and take control of the situation!

Is it just human nature that everyQB who is not starting for you is better than your own? I mean, really.

Lest we forget: the general hue and cry from the day they signed Bishop a year ago was "PLAY DURANT". The second the BC semi-final was over, the noise in Riderville was "SIGN DURANT". There was relief when Bishop was released as this would soothe DD's hurt feelings. There was this massive hand-wringing until his deal was announced that DD would be leaving anyway, as every team in the league was apparently in love with this kid. All through the off-sesason and pre-season, it was "MAKE DURANT THE STARTER".

The team has done all of those things, which, if you haven't been keeping score, happen to match the popular sentiment all along, Durant is 3-3, which, again for those of you numerically challenged, is the same record that Hank and Ray have guided their teams to, and better than Buckious Pierceson in BC and Joseph in Toronto. His stats are better overall, and, if his OC would let him get out of the pocket, roll a bit, and possibly run (in case anyone hasn't noticed, he scrambles far better off the edge than from the pocket) he probably would have done just fine against BC. Even all things being as they were, if the officials hadn't botched a call giving the Leos a TD, the Riders may well have won that game and been 4 an 2.

Yet, and this is the part I really don't get, it seems the consensus here is notwithstanding all of the above, we'd prefer to rest our hopes on a QB who has either (a) never even taken a snap at the pro level or (b) been cut by Hamilton, passed over in favour of Michael Bishop (who we couldn't get rid of fast enough), rejected by the very coach that brought him into the league, has yet to practice this season, let alone play a game, and whose knowledge of the Rider playbook is less than mine, and I've never seen the thing.

What sense does this make? If we're going to develop a QB, that means we let him ride through some highs and lows. The very hallmark of a young QB is inconsistency - from game to game, sometimes from series to series. It took Hank Burris years to work through that. Calvillo was plagued by it early in his career. Buck Pierce has more starts than DD and is still working through that. So is Quentin Porter, who's been yanked twice this season.

Stefan LeFors, who is DD's rough equal in terms of years of service, number of starts, and expectations, was so gawdawful bad in Winnipeg their fans booed when an autographed jersey of his was presented for a charity prize. He was so bad it made signing and playing Bishop the better option.

Developing a QB does not mean "let the young guy play, and let him keep playing until he screws up". We're all for developing a QB, until he hits a rough patch, and then the fans are running around like gerbils in a cage complaining that the airlift hasn't started.

And this fascination with Harrell. Seriously. He may be good, but the love-in with him today exists solely because only about 20 people outside of our organization have seen him throw a CFL ball. So he is a product of the fans collective dreams and imaginations. Guess what, he won't be that good, at least out of the gate. As of today, he is the latest in a long line of "saviour" quarterbacks, a spot generally reserved for prospects who haven't played yet. Remember Drew Tate? Heck, for that matter, remember Dalton Bell. who, seemingly without having ever taken a live snap, has fallen out of favour with you all, since the shiny new toy arrived.

Let me end the mystery of all of this: Miller has said he wants to develop both Jyles and Durant. This means that both will play. And, both are better than anyone we have right now. Period. There will be no airlift. There will be no miracles from either of Bell or Harrell this year. Durant will play some good games, and some bad ones. Based on recent history, we will win a few more than we lose. At the end of the year, he will be better than he was at the end of last year, or today, and, at 27, will be a little closer to being a bona fide starter, which, if the team's assessment of talent is right, he should be by 28 or so, which is about the start of a QB's prime.

The only advice I would ever dare to give Rider management is to please, please, do not listen to their fans.

Wise words Artie.

Terminator, it is obvious that you are a stubborn person and you'll fight about having Harrell or Bell starting or backing up for as long as you can breath!!

but you have got to understand the process of bringing a NCAA "star" into the pro's. first off he is an unproven Pro QB. meaning he has no professional experience. He needs to learn the rules and structure of this league.

there is no way in HELL that Harrell is going to be ready ANYTIME soon..

so stop trying to argue the fact. you need to understand how this game works!!

considering that so few QB's have ever come into this league and has played in their first year as a rookie.

few.... meaning like maybe 3 or 4.

and you cannot count Flutie because he did have previous professional experience in the UFL and a little NFL experience.


There have been some college hotshot QBs who made a positive impact right out of the gate; but they are few and far between.

And for every Chuck Ealey there's been more than a few Tee Martins, T.J. Rubleys, Timmy Changs, and Andre Wares (to name just a few).

Hell, we could probably name 20 of these "can't miss kids" just from the Riders....



too easy.

He sounds like Migs from the Zone..lol

I cannot believe I mentioned bringing in Printers and no one jumped all over me. What do I have to do? Poke you with a stick? lol....

Anyway......go darian durant <- (note small caps)...

What, are you blocking my posts?

Agree with cflisthebest. Very few qbs do good in their first year or 2. Joseph is playing terrible in Toronto. If he was here we would be playing a 35 or 36 year old qb who is not what he was. I am glad we are playing Durant and Jyles. Maybe we will see Bell some to this year. But the Riders have to develop young qbs. Saying Harrell is ready. No way.

Remember the qb Harris the Lions brought up to BC before Flutie. He was awful and he was a Heisman guy wasn't he?

Major Harris I do believe. . . almost as good as Joe 747 Adams, wasn't he?

Dunnigan is full of it and maybe it took him that long to learn the game and playbook, given his IQ.

Look, its not like learning a new game like Cricket or Rugby, its the CFL versus the NCAA (still football), a few rule changes but the basic core of the game is still the same, try to get into the end zone of the opponent or kick a field goal to score points. True there are more players on the field so coverages may be different but I have plenty of my friends that played NCAA and they say the transition from NCAA to CFL is easier than NFL to CFL.

At least get Harrell on the sidelines after his 9 game injury list stint.

Hamilton is going to clean our clocks on Sunday and maybe even Winnipeg will make it close on labor Day. We have to get someone other than Durant and Jyles on those sidelines and now! If you aren't going to play Bell, then trade him for a lineman.

You've only begun to scratch the surface when it comes to the difference between NCAA and CFL. Miller himself says that it takes somewhere close to two years for an NCAA QB to transition to the CFL and he has coached in both systems. As far as Hamilton cleaning our clocks I think you also predicted the same about Calgary. I don't have a problem with trading Bell for a very good NI lineman.

I'm sure you don't.

But I'll wager a signifcant amount of money that 7 CFL GMs WOULD have a problem trading a "very good NI lineman" for a nobody like Dalton Bell.

I can't see anyone trading anything other than a conditional 7th round draft pick. . . why is it that every team's fans rate their third string QBs so highly and think that other teams would trade a valuable asset just to get them?????

Terminator, I think when it truly comes down to it.. you know absolutely Squat about football. or you seem to believe that you know a lot! when in fact you don't!

QB's in the CFL are one of the most fragile and hardest to learn positions in the entire game! way more than any spot.

the amount of responsibilities that they have during a game is huge compared to everyone else!

not only do you have to know what you are doing, and all the plays etc..

you need to be aware of what everyone else on your offense is doing as well. There's so much demand on your mind that you cannot be forced into a game EVER, until you clearly are ready!

you just can't practice a guy for 6 weeks and then put him into a game! especially with the fact he's never even seen the field in exhibition! That's just terrible management and terrible coaching if you were to put a guy into a game that unprepared!

and For the record, you don't know Matt Dunigan.

He happened to be one hell of a QB when he played! he's an extremely educated man when it comes to the game of football!

he KNOWS what he's talking about! and you do not.