Rider coaching staff is awesome, and we have talent

Jim Daley, Etch, Berry, Miller, and all of our coaches make mistakes just like any other human being, but still have great football knowledge. Our special teams will break out eventually. They will carry this team to the promise land this year, and will win it all.

Durant is an all star quarterback who makes key plays in key situations. He is the comeback kid, and there is no quarterback I would rather have behind center going into the playoffs then DD.

Thanks to the coaches for a wonderful year, another home playoff game, and for being part of the wonderful community of Saskatchewan.

Go Riders!!! Bring it home

Jim Daley sucks.

Ummm.....I'll have a bit of what he's smokin!

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Jim Daley needs to go whethe we Win it all or Not!

you don't go 18 games and not once get close to a return TD.


Its part of no negativity week. Build up your team. Let the coaches coach and the players play.


Its part of no negativity week. Build up your team. Let the coaches coach and the players play.

Jim Daley still sucks.

OK, time for POSITIVES.

I am POSITIVE that Jim Daley should be fired, no matter what the Riders do from here on out.
I am POSITIVE that Doug Berry has hurt our offense, and if Miller retires and Berry becomes HC, I am POSITIVE that the Riders will go backwards.

I am POSITIVE that I have no faith in Brendan Taman.

None of these things are Negatives. They are constructive comments, meant to improve the Riders for future seasons. I am trying to have a POSITIVE effect on the future of the team.

That being said, we have who we have. I am sure that the players can play through the coaching, and pull out playoff victories. After all, they have done it many times already this year!

Lets take the Grey Cup in Edmonton, and then build a long-lasting dynasty!

I am Positive that the Eskimos will not win the Cup in 2010! :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

I am positive that people in this province just like to complain. We could be 18 and 0 right now and people would still find something to complain about.

ya when the Leafs win the Cup, then we'll go 18-0.

our team will never be that lucky.

Keep it going greenandwhite, others are with you

The players do have the talent and desire to go all the way. This weekend will be a story of coaching. I know our coaching staff has been much maligned this season but this weekend will demonstrate if this criticism was deserved.

Winning the GC will go a long way to make up for some of the issues of this season.

For the most part I think we have a solid coaching staff, and we do have lots of talent no doubt...


Exactly. I am afraid horrible special teams are going to hurt us big time.

Eddie Johnson or Kean for field goals? Hopefully Johnson because at least if he misses, there is usually no shot at a return as it goes through the endzone.

According to Rods latest article, DD called his own plays in a 40 second 60 yard drive just before half time, ending with his naked bootleg TD with seconds left.