Rider Coaching and Management

This for all the Rider fans that feel the same way about the coaching staff as I do. Why is it that when Tillman left we hired more senior citizens to replace the coaches we lost in the off season. Daley is so useless, gutless and spineless that every time the special teams is on the field I want to vomit. Why can Mike O'shea in Toronto who is one year removed from being a player come into Toronto's special teams and be the most creative and courageous coach inthe league. Dorsey was not the problem and soon Mullen won't be the problem. Our coaching is in the stone age and we need to get younger and more creative if we want to advance in the new CFL. Please get a new staff. Miller this just may include you.

relax man.

mr. Bandwagon jumper here, you need to cool down.

Funny, you were essentially making the same basic statements in the Roughrider forum as this "bandwagon" jumper is now. I guess that makes you a ..., oh never mind, you'll just move the target again.

no, I wasn't calling for everyone's heads. I was saying they need to Fire Daly..

that was it.

I am saying that it's possible the Riders will suffer in the future.

Just because a person has only one post does not make him a bandwagon jumper. He very well could be, but there is no evidence to tell us so.

Also, please take your own advice.

whatever. I am relaxing, but I see the beginning of a possible negative future for our team that's all.

Our situation isn't the greatest, but there are teams that are worse off than we are. IF changes need to take place, they will take place during the offseason. We're still in the playoff mix, so we still have a chance to succeed.